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Byare (ब्यारे) (Byaare) gotra Jats live in in Andhra Pradesh.

Distribution in Andhra Pradesh


In south, it was a big challenge for Aurangzeb to win Golkunda Fort in Hyderabad. After some hesitation, finally he decided in favour of waging GURILLA warfare . For this he needed people who could be adept to do so . He started searching for the right type of people . Finally he founds Jats in and around Delhi , who could do this. He pleaded to them to fight for him , to which JATs agreed. An army of 700-800 JATs was formed. By showing amazing courage of bravery JATs conquered Golkunda Fort for him. After winning Golkunda Fort , Aurangjeb in happiness and for the security of fort gifted land to these JATs for settlement in and around Hyderabad. As the time passed , dynasties changed and land given to them decreased but the population increased. A time finally came , when the same JATs who won the Fort,their decedents became small farmer and labours.

Today there are around 40,000 JATs in Hyderabad from Ramdevguda to Nalagunda having history in their hearts but neither centre Govt nor state Govt has done anything for them . They are neither considered backward nor Telgu speaking people. As their colour changed with time so changed their gottars , but in genes they have JAT blood. [1]

Jats gotras in these Jat people of Andhra Pradesh are Gulia, Mathur, Khainwar, Nunwar, Jakodia, Byaare, Hatinzar, Durwasa etc.

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