Ch. Hoshiar Singh Phogat

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Ch. Hoshiar Singh Phogat PVC (19 July 1917 - 11 December 2009), son of Ch. Sispal Singh Phogat, was born on 19 May 1917 in village Phogat, DistrictBhiwani, Haryana.

Phogat, his birthplace, is a small village on Chandigrah - Narnaul road, about 20 km from Bhiwani. This Jat dominated village has produced more than 80 soldiers for the Indian Army. His father was a respectable farmer and his mother Smt. Manbheri, a kind-hearted housewife.

Ch. Hoshiar Singh got married to Smt Hardeyi when he was still studying in the 7th class. This illustrious couple has Eleven sons.