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Chakora (चकोरा) [1] is gotra of Jats. [2][3] Chakora (चकोरा) Jat clan is found in Multan. [4]


They have originated from Chakora (चकोरा), who was ancient Chandravanshi Jat King of Mahabharata period in the genealogy of Krishna in 12th generation.

Chakor (चकोर)- fem, Chakori, is the name of Indian redlegged partridge which is said to me enamoured of the moon and to eat fire. It appears this bird to be totem of these rulers.


Vishnu Purana/Book IV:Chapter XXIV mentions about the rule of Chakora, one of The thirty Andhrabhritya kings who reigned four hundred and fifty-six years.

H.A. Rose[5] mentions one Chakur in Baloch history :

After the overthrow of the Sumras of Sindh nothing is heard of the Baloch for 150 years and then in the reign of Jam Tughlaq, the Samma (1423 — 50), they are recorded as raiding near Bhakhar in Sindh. Doubtless, as Dames holds, Taimur's invasion of 1399 led indirectly to this new movement. The Delhi empire was at its weakest and Taimur's descendants claimed a vague suzereignty over it. Probably all the Western Punjab was effectively held by Mughal intendants until the Lodi dynapty was established in 1451. Meanwhile the Langah Rajputs had established themselves on the throne of Multan and Shah Husain Langah (1469 — 1502) called in Baloch mercenaries, granting a jagir, which extended from Kot Karor to Dhankot, to Malik Sohrab Dodai who came to Multan with his sons, Ghazi Khan, Fath Khan and Ismail Khan.*

But the Dodai were, not the only mercenaries of the Langahs. Shah Hussain had conferred the jagirs of Uch and Shor(kot) on two Samma brothers, Jam Bayazid and Jam Ibrahim, between whom and the Dodais a feud arose on Shah Mahmud's accession. The Jams promptly allied themselves with Mir Chakur, a Rind Baloch of Sibi who had also sought service and lands from the Langah ruler and thereby mused the Dodais' jealousy. Mir Chakur is the greatest figure in the heroic poetry of the Baloch, and his history is a. renarkable one. The Rinds were at picturesque but deadly feud with the Lasharis. Gohar, the fair owner of vast herds of camels favoured Chakur, but Gwaharam Lashari also claimed her hand. The rivals agreed to decide their quarrel by a horse race, but the Rinds loosened the girths of Gwahardm's saddle and Chakur won. In revenge the Lasharis killed some of Gohar's camels, and this led to a desperate 30 years' war which ended in Chakur's expulsion from Sibi in spite of aid invoked and received from the Arghun conquerors of Sindh. Mir Chakur was accompanied by many Rinds and by his two sons, Shahzad and Shaihak, and received in jagir lands near Uch from Jam Bayazid, Samma. Later, however, he is said in the legends to have accompanied Humayun en his re-conquest of India. However this may have been, he undoubtedly founded a military colony of Rinds at Satgarha, in Montgomery, at which place his tomb still exists. Thence he was expelled by Sher Shah, a fact which would explain his joining Humayun.

IN Bhagvata Purana

Chakora ancestry

'A study of the Bhagavata Purana; or, Esoteric Hinduism' by Purnendu Narayana Sinha, pp 226-227 mentions that.... These (10) ten kings of the Sunga dynasty shall reign for 112 years. Vasudeva, the minister of Devabhuti, shall kill his master and become himself the king.


These four kings shall be called Kanvas. They shall reign for 345 years. Susarman shall be killed by his servant Balin, a King of the Andhra clan, who shall himself usurp the throne. Balin shall be succeeded by his brother Krishna.

KrishnaSrisantakarnaPournamasaLambodaraChivilakaMeghasvatiAtamanaAnishta KarmanHaleyaTalakaPurishabhiruSunandanaChakora → 8 Bahuka or Bahus ending in SivasvatiGomatiPurimatMedasiraSivaskandaYajnasri → → VijayaChandravijnaSalomadhi

These thirty kings of the Andhra dynasty shall rule the earth for 456 years. Seven Abhiras, kings of Avabhriti, ten Gardabhins (men of Gardabha) and sixteen Kankas shall then be the rulers. They shall be followed by 8 Yavanas, 14 Turushkas and ten Surundas. These 65 kings shall reign for one thousand and ninety nine years. Eleven Moulas shall then be the kings for 300 years.

Bhuta-Nanda, Bangiri, Sisunandi and Yaso-Nandi shall then become kings. Their sons, all known as Bahlikas, shall succeed them. Then Pushpamitra shall be the king, then his son Durmitra. Seven Andhras, seven Kosalas, Vidurapatis and Nishadhas shall then become kings, at one and the same time, over the lands of these names. They shall be the descendants of the Bahlikas.

Visvasphurji, otherwise called Puranjaya, shall be the king of the Magadhas. He shall make havoc of the caste system. His chief town shall be Padmavati (Modern Patna) but his kingdom shall extend from Hardwar to Prayag.

Reference - A study of the Bhagavata Purana; or, Esoteric Hinduism by Purnendu Narayana Sinha, pp 226-227

Distribution in Pakistan

Chakora (चकोरा) have been mentioned by H.A. Rose in 'Tribes and Castes' as a Jat clan found in Multan. [6] [7],

Reference - A study of the Bhagavata Purana; or, Esoteric Hinduism by Purnendu Narayana Sinha, pp 226-227


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