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Location of Chalaundi in Yamunanagar District

Chalaundi (चलौंदी) is a village in tahsil Chhachhrauli in Yamunanagar district in Haryana.

Jat Gotra


Lepel H. Griffin writes:[1] The Krora Singhia confederacy was founded by Krora Singh, with two companions Mastan Singh and Karam Singh. Sham Singh, who succeeded Mastan Singh, gave his name to a minor confederacy. The Kalsias were the most powerful of this misl, whose principal possessions lay between the Jamuna and the Markanda rivers, bounded on the south by the Buria territory.

Sirdar Bhagel Singh was one of the Principal Chiefs of the Krora Singhias. His head quarters were Chhachhrauli. The family is extinct. After the death of Bhagel Singh, his widows, Ranis Ram Kour and Raj Kour, held Chhachhrauli for many years, and when they died, the estate lapsed to the British Government.

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