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Chandawar (चंदावर) is a village in Etah District in Uttar Pradesh.[1]

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Chauhans of Chandwar and Rayabaddiya

Reference - Contents of this section is mainly from "Early Chauhan Dynasties" by Dasharatha Sharma, pp. 21-22

Chandwar is known to most students of medieval history as the place where Jayachandra of Varanasi and Kanauj fell fighting against Muhammad Ghori. It might then have been included in the extensive dominions of the Gahadavalas. But later on we read of a Chauhan kingdom of Chandwar which continued its existence there at least up to 1449 A.D.

We do not know when the Chauhans first reached Chandwar. But as the Bhavishayatta-kaha of Sridhara, written at Chandwar in 1173 A.D., makes no mention of the Chauhans as rulers of the locality, and Jayachandra fought his last battle there in 1193 A.D., it is likely that the Chauhan Kingdom of Chandwar was founded after the fall of the Chauhan Kingdom of Ajmer and the Gahadavala kingdom of Varanasi and Kanauj. Its rulers are called Sambhariraya or rulers of Sakambhari, an epithet perhaps indicating that they regarded themselves as descendants or relatives of Prithviraja III and came to Chandwar after their paternal kingdom in Rajasthan had been overthrown by the armies of Muhammad Ghori and Qutbuddin Aibak. Thanks to the prevailing hatred of the Muslim conquerors among the Hindu populace, the new kingdom soon gathered strength enough to give trouble to the Sultans of Delhi and, in alliance with other Rajput Chiefships, to delay, not probably decades but centuries, the complete subjugation of the present Uttar Pradesh. We have the following genealogy of its rulers up to 1256 A.D. from the Anuvrataratnapradipa of Sridhara :

Bharatapala (भरतपाल) of the Chauhan family
Jahada (जाहड़) (either a younger brother or son of Bharatapala)

Ballala (बल्लाल)
Ahavamalla (आहवमल्ल) = Isarade. He might have been a younger brother of Ballala who is mentioned as the first nandana or son of Jahada.

As Ahavamalla was on the Chauhan throne in 1256 A.D. it is easy to put Bharatapala, the first member of the dynasty mentioned here, in the first quarter or so of the thirteenth century. He is referred to very briefly in the colophon of the Anuvrataratnapradipa as a protector of his towns, villages, country and people, (not because he was unimportant but on account of the simple reason that the poet was interested mainly in eulogising his patron Kanhada of the Lambakurcha (Lemchu) family and his immediate ancestors, Sodha, Abhayapala and Hallana.

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