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Chandrapal Singh Tomar (b: 14 July 1929, d: 17 Dec. 2019) son of Chaudhary Dhuli Singh from village Papsara in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh. He was a farmer, social reformer, mass leader, agriculturalist, politician and social worker. He was very close to Charan Singh.

Chandrapal Singh was two-times MP from Amroha Lok Sabha constituency, two times MLA from Kath Vidhan Sabha and cabinet minister in Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. His daughter-in-law Renu Chaudhary is active in politics, she was President of Zila Panchayat in 2016. His son Sarjit Singh is a social worker and agriculturalist. His grandson and his wife are Indian Police Service Officers.


  • 1974 - MLA from "Kanth" Vidhan Sabha - Bharatiya Kranti Dal,
  • 1977 - MP from "Amroha" Lok sabha - Bharatiya Lok Dal,
  • 1980 - MP from "Amroha" Lok sabha - Janata Party (Secular),
  • 1989 - MLA from "Kanth" Vidhan Sabha - Janata Dal,
  • 1989 - Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh,
  • 1996 - Cabinet Minister rank - Chairman of Suagrcane Board.

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