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Smt. Chandrawati

Smt. Chandrawati (b:1928, d:2020) (श्रीमती चन्द्रावती) (Sheoran) was born in 1928 in Village Dalawas in District Bhiwani of Haryana State. Her Father Ch. Hazarilal Sheoran served in the Indian Army. 1964-66 Minister and 1972-74 she was Minister of State in Haryana, 1977-79 President of Janata Party and 1982-85 Leader of the Opposition, and later senior Congress Leader in Haryana. She worked as Lt. Governor of Pondicherry from 19th Feb. 1990 to 13th Dec.l990.

Early life

Chandrawati was born in the family of Hawaldar Hajari Ram Sheoran son of Mohar Singh. Her mother was Dhaula Bai from village Ghardana Kalan in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. Her mother Dhaula Bai died in 1932 when Chandrawati was at the age of four years.[1] Her father hawaldar Hazari Ram died in 1944 at the age of 57 when she was getting education at Pilani. It is interesting to note that she was married as per traditions in early childhood along with her elder sister but she was not sent to her in-laws due to her tender age. After few years her spouse died but Chandrawati was unaware of these facts at that time. [2]


She had primary education in village. While studying at village she was inspired by Nihal Singh Takshak to get education at Pilani. Nihal Singh Takshak was an Education Inspector with Birla Institute of Technology and Science/(Birla Education Trust) Pilani. She was admitted in 6th class in Birla School Pilani in 1943.[3]

She got higher education at Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani and completed Metric in 1948. After completing Metric Ghanshyam Das Birla advised her to get free education at Pilani with the condition that she will latter have to teach for three years in Birla Institutes Pilani. But she wanted to become a Doctor rather than a teacher so took admission in Maharaja College, Jaipur in Science faculty and completed Intermediate. She latter changed to Arts faculty and did graduation from Sangrur (Punjab) in 1953. [4]

She did Law (L.L.B.) from Delhi University and become the first woman Law Graduate in the region.As a student, she participated in the freedom movement.

In Politics

  • She fought her first Assembly election from Badhra constituency, then in Mahendragarh as a Congress nominee in 1954 and won it. P.E.P.S.U state
  • She was Parliamentary Secretary in Pepsu Govt.
  • She was elected as M.L.A. in 1962 Joint Punjab State
  • She was elected as M.L.A. in 1968 (Loharu) Haryana State
  • She was elected as M.L.A. again in 1972
  • She served as Minister of state in Haryana from 1972-74.
  • During her tenure in assemblies, she worked in Estimate Committees initially as its member in Punjab and then its Chair-Person in Haryana. She was also Chair-Person of the Library Committee in Haryana. She functioned as a member of the the Pradesh Congress Committee in Punjab and then in Haryana till 1977.
  • She was elected to Lok Sabha in 1977 first time defeating Bansi Lal and remained its member till August 1979. During this period, she was a member of the Central Executive Committee of Janta Party in Lok Sabha and also a Member of the Public Undertaking Committee.
  • She was President of the ruling Haryana Janta from 1974 to 1979.
  • She was elected as M.L.A. fifth time in 1982 as Lokdal candidate.
  • Smt. Chandrawati worked as Neta Virodhi Dal from 1982-85.
  • She was elected 9n 1991 as an M.L.A. from Loharu. She also actively participated in Nayaya Yatra (March for Justice) launched under the guidance of Ch.Devilal, to get justice for Haryana.
  • She fought 13 elections: 2 of MP and 11 of Assembly, out of which she won 7 elections.
  • She is presently Chair-Person of Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation.
  • She was MLA in 3 States of India, PEPSU, Punjab & Haryana.
  • She was Minister in 2 states of India, Punjab and Haryana

Member of Lok Sabha

Chandrawati got elected as MP (Lok Sabha) in 1977 from Bhiwani Constituency. Her bio data is available at Lok Sabha website -

6th Lok Sabha

Members Bioprofile

CHANDRAWATI, SHRIMATI, B.A., LL.B., Janata. (Haryana -Bhiwani -1977): d. of Choudhary Hazari Lal, b. at Dalavas Village, Charkhi Dadri Tehsil, Bhiwani District, September 3, 1928: ed. at B. B. Vidyapeeth, Pilani, Maharaja College, Jaipur, Ranbir College, Sangrur, Punjab University and Delhi University; married; Lawyer; previously associated, with the Congress; Member, (i) Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, (ii) Haryana Pradesh Congress Executive Committee, and (iii) Haryana Pradesh, Congress Election Committee, 1968—72; Member, (i) PEPSU Legislative Assembly, 1954—57, (ii) Punjab Legislative Assembly, 1962—67, and (iii) Haryana Legislative Assembly, 1968—77; Parliamentary Secretary, (i) Government of PEPSU, 1954—57, and (ii) Government of Punjab, 1962-63; Deputy Minister, Government of Punjab, 1964—66, Minister of State, Government of Haryana, 1973-74; Member, Estimates Committee, Punjab Legislative Assembly, 1963-64; Chairman, (i) Estimates Committee, Haryana Legislative Assembly, 1972-73, and (ii) Library Committee, Haryana Legislative Assembly, 1972-73; presently Member, (i) Committee on Public Undertakings and (ii) Committee on Papers Laid on the Table.

Social activities: Propagation of education in rural areas, especially amongst the girls.

Favourite pastime and recreation: Reading, Hindi and English literature, horticulture, and travelling.

Special interests: Rural economy.

Permanent address: Dalavas Village, Charkhi Dadri Tehsil, Bhiwani District, Haryana.

Social work

किसान यूनियन के अधिवेशन में श्री दौलतराम सारण, चंद्रावती, कुंभाराम आर्य और देवीलाल 1983

She was the founder member of almost all the Women Organisations of the Party and the Government at the National and State level. She was a founder member of the Kisan Trust and was leading light in organising the Kisan Sammelen, the biggest ever farmers' gathering organised in Delhi during 1977. In appreciation of her clean and honest image, all the financial matters of the organisation were assigned to Smt. Chandrawati.

Lt. Governor of Pondicherry

She worked as Lt. Governor of Pondicherry from 19th Feb. 1990 to 13th Dec.l990.

Committed to Public interest

Public interest has been of prime concern throughout her life. She is deeply interested in rural economy, preservation of its wealth and wild life. Reading Hindi and English Literature are her other interests; promoting education of students, specially the women folk has been a matter of great interest to her. All through, Smt. Chandrawati stood for the justice for the masses; and for this cause fought against the highest and mightiest regardles's of party affiliations or any other consideration. Having had a long tenure in politics, she have been more as a social worker and a statesman than a politician.


Tribune News Service
Hisar, November 15, 2020

Former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Chandrawati, who stormed the Haryana’s political scene when she defeated then Defence Minister Bansi Lal on his home turf Bhiwani in the 1977 General Election in the shadow of the Emergency, passed away at the Rohtak’s PGIMS in on Sunday (15 November 2020) morning.

She was 92. She had been ill for long.

Chandrawati, a native of Bhiwani’s Dalawas village, has a number of firsts to her credit. She was the state’s first woman to become a Member of Parliament (1977), the first woman minister in Haryana (1964-66) and the first woman Leader of Opposition (1982-85). She was also the first enrolled advocate from the state.

Later, Chandrawati joined politics. She became an MLA from Badhra in 1954 in undivided Punjab. In 1982, she was again elected from the segment on the Lok Dal ticket.

In the 1968 and 1972 Assembly elections, she won from Loharu on the Congress ticket.

Chandrawati left the Congress after she was sacked from the Cabinet by then Chief Minister Bansi Lal in 1974. Subsequently, she joined the anti-Congress forces (Lok Dal, Janata Party and later Janata Dal).

Kanwar Pal Joon, a relative and close aide of Chandrawati, recalled that Indira Gandhi used to like her very much and called her Chandro.

“Chandrawati told me once that Indira Gandhi had asked her to join back the Congress and assured her the CM post. But Chandrawati opted to stay with the Janata Party,” he said.

Leaders express grief

Chandigarh: CM Manohar Lal Khattar and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda have expressed condolences to the family of former Lt Governor of Puducherry Chandrawati on her demise. TNS

हरियाणा की सपूत बेटी श्रीमती चन्द्रावती पर भजन

हरियाणा की सपूत बेटी श्रीमती चन्द्रावती पर भजन

रचयिता - स्वतंत्रता सेनानी व भजनोपदेशक चौ. धर्मपाल सिंह भालोठिया

हरियाणा की सपूत बेटी, देशभक्त मर्दानी।

बहन चन्द्रावती कहूँ या झांसी वाली रानी ।। टेक ।।

होनहार बिरवान के चिकने पात कहें सब भाई ।

इसी तरह बचपन में इसके लक्षण दिये दिखाई ।

किसान के घर में जन्म लिया और ऊँची करी पढाई ।

जीवन भर करूँ देश की सेवा दिल में बात समाई ।

देश के हित में लगा दई इसने अपनी जिन्दगानी ।। 1 ।।

एम.एल.ए.और एम.पी.जब यहां बिक रहे थे दिन धोली ।

धेले में सस्ते उनकी लागी लाखों की बोली ।

स्वार्थी उस दिन भर रहे थे अपनी नोटों की झोली ।

शेर की बच्ची पूरी उतरी, जिस दिन हमने तोली ।

सार्वजनिक जीवन में है इसकी बेदाग निशानी ।। 2 ।।

विधान सभा में मिला विरोधी नेता का पद भारी ।

कार के ऊपर झण्डी थी और कोठी थी सरकारी ।

हरियाणा के गल पे जब पी.एम. ने धरी कटारी ।

त्याग पत्र देकर अपनी कुर्सी के ठोकर मारी ।

देश के हित की लड़ी लड़ाई, धार के रूप भवानी ।। 3 ।।

हरियाणा की प्रथम महिला विधायक व सांसद कहलाई ।

अनेक बार मन्त्री पद पाकर जनता की करी भलाई ।

पांडीचेरी की उपराज्यपाल बन राज्य की शान बढाई ।

भालोठिया कहे हरियाणा की है अमिट निशानी ।। 4 ।।

यादें जो कभी नहीं मिटती

Balram Jakhar, Dharam Veer Chaudhary, Chaudhary Ajay Singh in All India Jat Mahasabha- 2013

बात कुछ 10 साल पुरानी है जब सुबह 9 बजे कुंवर नटवर सिंह जी के फ़ोन की घंटी मेरे मोबाईल पर बजी बात हुई कुंवर साहब ने कहा अजय सिंह इंडिया आ गया है, कुछ चर्चा करनी है, तुम भी आ जाना। मुलाकत में तय हुआ कि भाई साहब अजय सिंह जी जो फिजी से वापस लोटे हैं। अब यहां रहकर समाज का काम करेंगे हमनें भी अपनी सहमति समाजिक मुवमेंट पर मजबूती से कार्य करने की दे दी। इन्हीं गर्मियो के महीने में 2013 में अखिल भारतीय जाट महासभा सम्मेलन का सफल आयोजन किया । देश की तमाम नामी गिरामी जाट हस्तियों ने सम्मेलन में पहुंच कर कार्यक्रम को सफल बनाया । जाट महा सम्मेलन में सर्व श्री कुंवर नटवर सिंह जी, स्वर्गीय श्री बलराम जाखड साहब पूर्व गवर्नर स्वर्गीय चंद्रवती जी तत्कालीन मुख्यमंत्री हरियाणा सरकार श्री भूपेंदर हुड्डा जी भाई विजय पूनिया जी, रघु ठाकुर जी सहित देश के अनेक पूर्व और वर्तमान के सांसद और गणमान्य विभूतियों ने अपनी भागीदारी की । सैंकड़ों कार्यक्रम दिल्ली में आयोजित किये। भाई साहब हमेशा मुझे समाज का काम करने के लिये प्रोत्साहित करते थे। अखिल भारतीय सर्व जाट महासभा जिसके वो अध्यक्ष बने मुझे राष्ट्रीय महासचिव की जिम्मेदारी दी । उनके परिवार का कद और पद समाज में इतना था कि चौ. चरण सिंह जी ने खुद उनको अपने साथ काम करने के लिए तैयार किया था। तब भाई साहब एक बड़े न्यूज संस्थान की महत्वपूर्ण जिम्मेदारी छोड़कर बड़े चौ साहब के साथ राजनीति में आये थे । समाज में ऐसे कम वाकये हैं कि जिस राजदूत के पद को 30 वर्ष पहले पिता ने संभाला हो उसी राजदूत के पद को उन्होने भी सुशोभित किया था । भाई साहब के पिता स्वर्गीय भगवान सिंह जी देश के पहले जाट I A S थे ,जो बाद में अखिल भारतवर्षीय जाटमहासभा के अध्यक्ष भी रहे थे। किस्से सैंकड़ों हैं , पूर्व सांसद लोकसभा केन्द्रीय मंत्री भारत सरकार,पूर्व M L C , पूर्व राजदूत India टुडे समूह के संपादक,कौम और समाज के लिये अग्रणी भूमिका में रहने वाले समाजसेवी, स्मृतियाँ और यादें बहुत हैं. पिछ्ले साल भाई साहब अजय सिंह जी का असमय चले जाना बहुत दुखद रहा ।

समाज के मजबूत किले धीरे-धीरे ढय रहे हैं.... हमें समाज के मजबूत किलों का निर्माण करना होगा जिससे समाज के अन्दर और बाहर के शत्रुओ से समाज को बचाया जा सके ।।

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