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Chad (चाड), Chada (चाडा) Jat Gotra is found in Rajasthan.


Chad may be Chchhadda (Chchhaḍḍa) of Rajatarangini. (Book VIII,p.16-17)


James Tod writes that Bhatti Chief Deoraj had two sons, Moond and Chadu ; the last, by a wife of the Baraha tribe, had five sons, whose descendants were styled Chada Rajputs. Deoraj excavated several large lakes in the territory of Khadal (in which Deorawal is situated) ; one at Tanot is called Tanosar ; another, after himself, Deosar. Having one day gone to hunt, slightly attended, he was attacked by an ambush of the Channa Rajputs, and slain with twenty-six of his attendants, after having reigned fifty-live years. His kin and clans shaved their locks and moustaches, excepting Moond.[1]

Rajatarangini[2] tells....The king Uchchala (b.1070,r.1101–1111) of Lohara family was pleased with the services of Bhogasena and though he was without follower or a house, the king made him the governor of the Rajasthana (palace). He had seen Bhogasena's valor in the battle on the day of Indradvadashi when Gaggachandra, though he had a large army under him, fled from the engagement. The king raised Saḍḍa, Chchhaḍḍa and Byaḍḍasa, sons of Sadda, a common soldier, to the post of ministers. (p.16-17) (SaḍḍaSadh, ChchhaḍḍaChad, ByaḍḍasaBajad)

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