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Chhpaar (छपार), or Chhappar (छापर) is a large, Jat-dominated village in Charkhi Dadri tahsil and district in Haryana. Earlier, this village was part of Bhiwani district.


Chhapar Village is surrounded by other Sangwan Villages Rasiwas in the North. Birhi Kalan and Atela Naya in the South. Village Manakawas in the North and Village Dohka in the south. The village comes under Dadri constituency and previous MLA from area was Majar Narpender Sangwan (Cong.) his village is Rasiwas nearby Chhapar. It is around 15 KMs from Charkhi Dadri and around 26 KMs from Bhiwani.

Jat Gotras

Common facilities

Village has all common facilities including Sr. sec. school, Public schools, 3 Private schools, Civil Hospital, Animal Hospital, Local telephone and mobile exchanges, several Banks, Electricity hub etc.

Notable persons

  • Ms. Bimla Dahiya - The current Sarpanch of the Village is Ms. Bimla Dahiya. Under her leadership, all streets are made of CC.


  • In Chhapar Baba Jamana Giri Dera (Mandir) is famous.[1]


The Chhapar village has population of 6026 persons, of which 3193 are males while 2833 are females (as per Population Census 2011).[2]

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