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Chhillar (छिल्लर)[1][2] Chhilller/Chhiller(छिल्लर) Chheelar (छील्लर) [3] Chhail (छैल)[4] Chillar (चिल्लर) gotra Jats live in Jaipur district in Rajasthan. Also found in Jhajjar and Bahadurgarh districts in Haryana and in Delhi State and Moradabad district in Uttar Pradesh. Chillar (छीलर) and Chhikara (छिकारा) both are same. They do not have inter marriges.



Ram Swarup Joon[5] writes that Chhillar and Chhikhara Both these gotras are related to each other and to Dalal and Deshwal gotras too. The Chhillar gotra is found in the Punjab. It appears that Chhail and Chhilar are one and the same gotra. Near Bahadurgarh in district Rohtak (Haryana) they have a few villages in a compact area. They are considered to be the descendants of Mann.

The Vayu Purana (47, 44) and the Matsya Purana, (121, 45) mention that: The Chaksu or Oxus river goes to the sea after irrigating the lands of the Sandhrans (Jats) , Tukharas (Takhar Jats), Lampakas (Lamba Jats), Pahlavas (Pehlavi-Iranians) Daradas (of Kashmir) and Chhakans (Chhikara Jats).[6]

Dasharatha Sharma in book "Early Chauhan Dynasties" [Page-171] while discussing Udayasimha Chauhan of Jalor writes that Iltutmish pushed on, and managed to reach Udayasimha's desert capital. Udayasimha opened negotiations; and the Sultan though he could hardly have been satisfied with the token tribute of a hundred camels and two hundred horses offered by Udayasirhha, accepted it and confirmed Udayasimha in his possessions. Nearly five years later, perhaps in V. 1278 when Iltutmish once again assumed the offensive against Rajasthan, and after sacking Nagda advanced even upon Gujarat, Udayasirhha joined as already stated above, the league organised by Viradhavala Vaghela of Dholka and his minister Vastupala. The drama gives the name of the Muslim invader as Milachchhrikara (मीलच्छ्रिकार), which Dr. G.H. Ojha equates with Amir-i-shikar, a title once borne by Iltutmish. Drs.D.R. Barnett and H.C, Ray object to the identification, saying that Milachchhrikara cannot phonetically be the Sanskritised form of Amir-i-shikar. It is no doubt so; but it can be easily the Paisachi form of Mir-i-shikar. The Muslim ruler and his minister talk with each other in Paishachi; so it is only natural that he should have a Paisachi name. The dramatist changes Mir into Mila and shikar into chhrikara through the intermediate Sanskritised form Shrikara. The usual sandhi rules thereafter give us the Milachchhrikara, actually used in the drama. As regards the date of this expedition we put it about V. 1278 (1221 A.D.)

Jatland considers that Milachchhrikara may be a combination of Meel + Chhikara, representing the combined forces of the two clans.

छीलर-छिकारा का इतिहास

छीलरछिकारा एक ही नाम है, केवल भाषा-भेद से दो नाम बोले जाने लगे। छीलर व छिकारा एक ही रक्त के हैं, इसीलिए इनके आमने-सामने तथा भानजा-भानजी के आपस में रिश्ते-नाते नहीं होते हैं

दलीप सिंह अहलावत[7] लिखते हैं कि इतिहासकारों ने यह सिद्ध किया है के छीलर-छिकारा चीमा जाटों के वंशज हैं तथा उसी की शाखा हैं। पंजाब में चीमा एवं छिकारे जाट एक ही स्थान पर बसे हुए हैं।

चीमा चन्द्रवंशी जाट गोत्र है। यह गोत्र वैदिककाल से है। चीमा जाट आर्यावर्त से चीन देश में गए और वहां बस्तियां बसाईं तथा राज्य किया। (अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखो तृतीय अध्याय, चीना या चीमा प्रकरण)।

छीलर व छिकारा एक ही नाम है, केवल भाषा-भेद से दो नाम बोले जाने लगे। छीलर व छिकारा एक ही रक्त के हैं, इसीलिए इनके आमने-सामने तथा भानजा-भानजी के आपस में रिश्ते-नाते नहीं होते हैं। यह इन दोनों का रक्त भाई का ठोस प्रमाण है।

जिला रोहतक में छिकारा जाटों के गांव - 1. कानौंदा 2. मुकन्दपुर 3. खेरपुर 4. लडरावण 5. खेड़ी आसरा

दिल्ली प्रान्त में - जौंती, टटेसर, निजामपुर

जिला मेरठ में - 1. खानपुर 2. महोड़ा 3. महपा 4. नानू

जिला बरेली मुरादाबादबिजनौर में छिकारा जाटों के कई गांव हैं। जिला अमरोहा के पास कीलबकरी नामक रियासत छिकारों की थी। कमालपुर और बस्तापुर छिकारा जाटों के बड़े गांव हैं।

जिला बिजनौर में 1. बाहुपुरा 2. ऊमरी 3. पामार 4. गजरोला गांव छिकारा जाटों के हैं।

जिला सोनीपत में करेवड़ी गांव छिकारा जाटों का है। जिला सोनीपत में बड़ा गांव जूआं छिकारा जाटों का है।

जिला रोहतक में छीलर जाटों के गांव बामनौली और बराही हैं। जिला मुरादाबाद में छीलर जाटों के कई गांव खलीलपुर अमरू, कुचावली, उचीती, सनाई हैं ।


Distribution in Rajasthan

Jaipur city

Vidyadhar Nagar,

Villages in Alwar district

Dhakpuri, Majra Kath,

Disributions in Delhi

Villages in Delhi

Devli, Garhi Randhala, Nizampur,

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Jhajjar district

Kheri (Hoshdarpur Gwalisan), Bahamnoli, Barahi, Ladrawan,

Villages in Bhiwani district

Dadhi Chhillar,

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Baghpat district

Tabela garhi urf Tamela Garhi,

Villages in Moradabad district

Khalilpur Amru, Kuchawali, Uchaiti, Sanai,

Villages in Rampur district

Loharri Tanda (15),

Notable Persons

  • Manushi Chillar – Miss world 2017 and Miss Femina India 2017
  • Manjeet Chhillar- Winner Kabaddi World Cup-2016
  • Mohit Chhillar- Winner Kabaddi World Cup-2016
  • Col Raghbir Singh Chhillar-Ex MLA Badhra(Haryana)
  • Dr.Rajender Chhillar Professor, MDU,Rohtak(Barahi)
  • Dr. Shailandra Singh- Govt. Professional at Education Department and Formar Project Assistant at(Catalytic Conversion and Process Division )Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun.Khalilpur Amru
  • Dr. R. S. Chillar - Govt. Service Principal Scientist IARI Agriculture, Principal Scientist (Animal Breeding), IARI, Pusa, New Delhi, A-87, 3rd Floor, Block A, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi-110028, Delhi-110028, Ph: 011-25770263, 9910217452, Email: (PP-54)
  • Sh.Jagbir Singh Chhillar-Deputy Director, Technical Education Department,Panchkula
  • Ravinder (Ravi) Chhillar-Member Zila parishad (Barahi)
  • Parveen Chhillar- Lecturer, Technical Education(Barahi)
  • Ravi Chhillar s/o Sri Mahabir Singh Chhillar - Village <Barahi> IT Engineer in Leighton India contractor pvt ltd
  • Sandeep Chhillar-Village {Barahi} Accounts& IT Professional
  • Prof Rampal Chhillar- Village Bahamnoli, Bahadurgarh.
  • Pahalwan Jangli Chhillar
  • Master Ram Sarup Singh Chhillar
  • Dr. Kartar Singh Chhillar
  • Sandeep Chhillar- Chairman Landmark Group
  • Ch. Attar Singh Chhillar- Barahi
  • Ch. Sanjeet Chhillar- Barahi (General Sec. Youth Congress(I) Jhajjar)
  • Ch.Badlu Ram Chhillar- Barahi
  • Ch.BaniSingh Chhillar- Barahi
  • Ch. Jagbir Singh Chhillar- Barahi (ITAT)
  • Brandon Chillar- Professional American Football Player. Played for University of California Los Angeles in College
  • Rohit Chhillar- Barahi Engineer
  • Ch.Richpal Singh Chhillar Barahi
  • Ch.Bharat Singh Chhillar alias Bhartu (1899-2000)Lived 101 years,was born in 1899 and passed away in 2000.Barahi
  • Ch.Kapoor Singh Chhillar Barahi
  • Mr.Joginder Singh Chhillar- Officer at Oriental Bank of Commerce. Barahi
  • Prikshit Chhillar- Engineer ,IT Professional at TCS Barahi
  • Saurabh Chhillar- B.Arch,DCRUST Murthal Barahi
  • Mohit Chhillar- Mechanical Engineer Barahi
  • Mr. Suresh Kumar Chhillar - Govt Service, AEE UHBVN Haryana Govt. Rohtak 73, Sector-14, Haryana, 0162-241766, 0162-266026, Haryana (PP-1040)
  • Mr. Umed Singh Chillar - Govt. Service Divisional Fire Officer, Delhi Fire Service, Flat No. 1, Bhikaji Cama Place, Fire Station, New Delhi, 011-26169217/8 (PP-286)
  • Dharmendra kumar- IT professional at Oracle,Singapore.Khalilpur Amru
  • Achalveer Singh- IT Professional at Cognizant (Charlotte North Carolina,U.S.A.).Khalilpur Amru
  • Mohit Kumar- IT Professional at TCS (U.S.A.).Khalilpur Amru
  • Anuj Kumar- IT Professional at TCS London(England).Khalilpur Amru

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