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Chhoti Ballabh (छोटी बल्लाह्भ) is a village in Iglas tahsil in Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh.


Village Chhoti Ballabh is situated at western border of Iglas tehsil about 7 kilometes away from Town Gonda Of district Aligarh.

Jat Gotras


There was a high heap of remnants of a unknown fort, where this village chhoti is situated. There were signs of a trench around this "Teela" in the earlier days of its establishment.Besides this there is a historical baron land of around 20 Bighas(four acres) in the 300 mtr northern side of this village called "Naraina".It has some signs of a disappeared old 'Nagar' because there is an old wall at some depth which goes up to village chhoti.Another significant thing which was noticed in earlier days was that some glittering small stones and lot of old pattern terracotta pots were also found through out this baron land which is a sign of a old and historical place.

Village Chhoti-Ballabh comprises two small villages namely Chhoti and Ballabh. There is big pond in between these two villages called Devalay and remnants of temple are still existing near this pond.Besides this, there is a place called MATA in the north-Eastern side of the village Chhoti where devotees from different places used to come for worship even for sacrificing the goats as a part of there worship. One more significant place called SATI is also there on the north western corner of village Chhoti.There was one MATH called SATI which is recently have been ploughed by farmers. From the above signs it seems that this village would have been a famous place thousands years ago.

The history of present peasants of these villages is only around two hundred years old.In the present history of this village Jats of two Gotras, Thakurela and Sinsinwars have established their families in this village. Initially two hundred years ago two families of thakurela gotra jats one Kauras and other Lukhatihas came from darabar (Gonda) village and settled in Ballabh village. After some time Alagarji named sinsinwar jat who was married in darbar village in the Kaura's family of thakurela gotra jats also came and settled in village Ballabh but he had some conflict with jat of lukhatiha family. As the Jat of Lukhatiha family considered himself dominating which was not acceptable to Alagarji sinsinwar jat who him self was a high ranked retired official of Bharatpur state army and also a gainer in laws of thakurela gotra jat and consequently Alagarji shifted alone to fort type heap of Chhoti. Thats why it is considered that existence of present chhoti Ballam village is due to Alagarji Sinsinwar who came to this place from village Nahrauli of Disst Bharatpur (Raj). Even now a days village Chhoti -Ballabh is well known by the names of Sinsinwar Faujdars.

The population of sinsinwars is equal to the Thalkurelas of this village at present.Thakurelas of village Chhoti had been settled in Chhoti village after Alagarji sinsinwar settled down there. Afterwards Kallu Pachahera, Chetram Agra Chaudhary, in Chhoti village, and Sawal Singh Atri, Viri Singh Pachehara, Maan singh Khuantail. All Jats settled in village Ballabh.

Similarly other cast peoples like Jatav from Talesara and Darbar, Khatik ,Dheevar and Naai from other places came and settled in these villages.Earlier there was one family of a muslim community also but now no muslim family is existing in these villages.The main occupation of the village is farming.

Now a days this village is dominated and known due to sinsinwars only as the political and social awareness has been created by them as they were very much aware politically , socially and also on literary front before and after independence.For instance Munshi Layak Ram Sinsinwar was the leading and promptly instrumental in spreading the primary education in the area by organising aided schools (Imdadi School) before the independence as he himself was middle passed person in this rural area, which was so uncommon at that time. He also actively participated in various movements of Mahatma Gandhi and established his political existence in the area.He was known as munshi Jee. After his death in 1964, his political and social agenda was further strengthened and effectively carried out by his youngest son Shri Virendra Singh Sinsinwar. He became Pradhan of village in 1972 and continued for 23 years till 1995. Again Sashi faujdar his daughter in law was elected Pradhan in 2005 and served the full term till 2010. This shows that jats of sinsinwar gotra are dominant in this village.

Besides above shri virendra singh faujdaar has contributed tremendously in the field of education by establishing a high school in nearby village Nagla Birkhu with the help of his colleagues. Chhoti ballabh is leading village of Gonda Block in different developmental activities. Pakka streets, establishment of primary and junior high school, Panchayat ghar in both villages,Aagan badi kendra,construction of shauchalayas in almost all houses,grant of old age,widow and handicapped pension to around one hundred pepole of this village are the prominent developmental works carried out by shri virendra singh faujdar during his above mentioned tenure of Gram Pradhan.

Due to these developmental and educational activities of shri virendra singh faujdaar, around 50 youths of this village are in govt job at present,which is a significant number for such a small village in this area.out of these fifty personnel two of them namely shri ajay singh and devendra singh are on Gazetted posts, where as Vivek kumar faujdar is a chemical engineer. Shri Sheesh ram singh of this village who retired from the rank of inspector police was the first ever govt employee. Shree sheesh Ram singh who reached to the post of inspector from the rank of a constable,was well known to his honesty not in side the police department but also in the area. shree singh not only created mile stones by his exemplary behaviour in his service but also showed path to the village's youth to join govt jobs and serve this nation.

Now a days Sinsinwar family of this village is not only dominant in the village but also leading the villagers in different other ways beyond farming and govt jobs. Shri Shyambir singh sinsinwar who had been shifted to Delhi,is also a prominent political and social face in south delhi's Tuglkabaad area.

This small village under the dynamic leadership of shri virendra singh has evolved as most politically aware and front line village of Aligarh District. Shri virendra singh faujdaar along with six fellow villagers opposed emergency as a follower of Chaudhary Charan Singh's Bhartiya kranti Dal(BKD) and went to jail, which is a brilliant example of their political awareness.Name of those ,who went to jail in Emergency are- shri virendra singh faujdaar, shri Mewa ram faujdaar,shri Badan singh faujdaar,shri Rajveer singh Thakurela,Shri Sahab singh Thakurela and pandit Kishori lal .shri virendra singh faujdaar had been president of Lok Dal In Iglaas Tehsil And also vice president of Lok Dal in District Aligarh when Chaudhary Charan singh Was Alive. He was considered very near to Chaudhar Sahab and has served politically for a long time to this area.

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