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Chichawatni is a city in the Sahiwal District of the Punjab province of Pakistan.


Situated near the Grand Trunk Road, it lies approximately 45 kms from the district capital, Sahiwal. It lies approximately 20 kms (12 miles) from the ancient Upper Indus site of Harappa.


There are two leading folk etymologies proposed for the name Chichawatni. The first asserts that the 7th century Raja Dahir named the town Chichawatni – meaning "City of Chach" – for his father, Maharaja Chach of Alor.

According to the second etymology, the name is derived from a Hindu family who lived in the area in antiquity, with the father of the family being named Chicha and the mother Watni.

Chichawatni presently serves as the main city of Sahiwal Division, and is administratively subdivided into three City Union Councils and 34 rural Union Councils. It is also the headquarters of Chichawatni Tehsil. It furthermore serves as the educational hub for many local villages, offering several colleges and institutions for higher education. Punjabi is the most-spoken language in Sahiwal, including Chichawatni,[3] although Urdu is also commonly spoken.


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