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Chuli Bagadian (चूळी बागङियां)is a Village in Hisar district in the Indian state of Haryana.As per 2009 stats, Chuli Bagrian is the gram panchayat of Chuli Bagarian village.

It is one of the oldest villages in Hisar District.



The location code or village code of Chuli Bagarian village is 060839. Chuli Bagarian village is located in Adampur Tehsil of Hisar district in Haryana, India. It is situated 10km away from sub-district headquarter Adampur and 50km away from district headquarter Hisar.

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The total geographical area of village is 1794 hectares.According to Census 2011 information Chuli Bagarian has a total population of 4,730 peoples. There are about 927 houses in Chuli Bagarian village. Adampur is nearest town to Chuli Bagarian.

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