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The famous Arya Samaj preacher Dada Bastiram was born in village Kheri Sultan which is now in district & tahsil Jhajjar of Haryana.

Bastiram was a highly learned Brahmin and had sought education in various Sanskrit institutions at Varanasi. When he met Swamy Dayanand in the year 1880, he vowed to dedicated his whole life for preaching Arya Samaj values in remote villages. The blind man Bastiram roamed from village to village in Punjab, specially present Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Dada Bastiram lived a long life (117 years) and breathed his last in 1959.

Like Swamy Dayanand, Dada Bastiram was also great admirer of Jat community which is naturally dedicated to Vedas and Vedic principles.

Whosoever listened to his preachings, got rid of social evils like superstition being spread by the then selfish Brahmins, the Sati tradition, illiteracy among womenfolk, dowry system etc.

Some of his poems/ Bhajans can be read on this link at - दादा बस्तीराम जी के चंद भजन

More information about the life of Bastiram will be added shortly on this page.

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