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Map of Misls of Sikhs

Dulewalia was one of Misal in Punjab. The leader of this Misal was Tara Singh Gheba who was the founder of this Misal.


The misl derive their name from ....


Tara Singh Gheba was a far-sighted man He had predicted that the young man (Ranjit Singh) would disembody all the Misals. In view of this he began to give charity to the poor and needy persons. He had an army of 6,000 soldiers and annual income from the Misal was twenty Lakh Rupees. The important possessions of this Misal were Kheri Khamane, Sialiba, Adhran, Rupar, Dharam Kot, Ghanghorana, Bundewal, Beccani, Siahkot, Nakodar. The Chief of this Misal plundered the territories across River Jamuna. They took many guns from the Red Fort of Delhi. This Misal was also annexed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

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