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Daseya (दसेया) gotra Jats live in Nimach district in Madhya Pradesh.


They have descended from The Mahabharata Tribe - Dasameya (दासमेया).[1]

In Mahabharata

Karna Parva/Mahabharata Book VIII Chapter 51 Describes terrible massacre on seventeenth day of War and list of Kshatriyas died which includes Dasameya. Dasameya दासमेया - A Mahabharata tribe Kaurava supporters (VIII.51.16) from Punjab have been mentioned. [2]

The Mahabharata Tribe - Dasameya) may be identified with Jat Gotras - Daseya (दसेया) who live in Nimach district in Madhya Pradesh

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Nimach district


Notable persons


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