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Delhi University Student Union is the official name of the student union of University of Delhi also known as DUSU. It has been a platform for many leaders in the beginning of their career and has given many politicians to our country. These student leaders had started from very small level to governing the nation. Some of the prominent politicians who started their political career from fighting election in "University of Delhi" are Arun Jaitley, Ajay Maken, Vijay Goel, Alka Lamba, Anil Jha, Vijay Jolly. Where as many students were influenced from student politics in "Delhi University" but came into politics later such as Mayawati, Shashi Tharoor, Ambika Soni, Subramanian Swamy, and click here to see more. This union has also made and taught politics to many Jat students and has united Jats from various states and till now Jats from Delhi, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan has been elected. Every year atleast one Jat candidate wins a seat. The dominancy of Jats in the union had made Jat politics more strong.

  • Delhi University Student Union has four posts - President(P), Vice President(VP), Secretary(S) and Joint-Secretary(JS)
  • Every college and department of University of Delhi has six posts - President(P), Vice President(VP), Secretary(J), Joint-Secretary(JS) and two Central Councilors(CC)

JAT winners of DELHI UNIVERSITY STUDENT UNION(partial, please update)

Year President(P) Vice President(VP) Secretary(S) Joint-Secretary(JS)
1997 Jaivir Rana
1998 Jaivir Rana Anil Solanki
1999 Amit Malik
2000 Amit Malik
2001 Vikas Shokeen Rohit Choudhary (Shokeen)
2002 Sunder Dagar
2003 Rohit Choudhary (Shokeen) Narinder Tokas
2004 Narinder Tokas
2005 Ramit Sehrawat
2006 Vikas Dahiya
2007 Devraj Tehlan
2008 Ashish Gahlot
2009 *** *** *** ***
2010 Priya Dabas Neetu Dabas
2011 Ajay Chhikara
2012 Arun Hooda Raveena Chaudhary
2013 *** *** *** ***
2014 Pravesh Malik Ashutosh Mathur
2015 Anjali Rana
2016 Ankit Sangwan Mohit Garid
2017 Rocky Tuseed Kunal Sehrawat
2018 Akash Choudhary Jyoti Chaudhary
2019 Akshit Dahiya Ashish Lamba
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