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Dhul (ढुल)[1] [2]Dhall (ढल्ल) Dhull (ढल) Dhal (ढल) Dhul (ढल) Dhal (ढाल)[3]/Dhala (ढाला)[4] Dhull (ढूल्ल)[5] Dhul (धूल)[6] Dal (डल)/Dhall (ढल)[7] is Gotra of Jats found in Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Delhi. They are said to be related to Dhillon. They are habitants of Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Delhi and Pakistan. In Gujarat they are called as Dal, Dhal (Del). Dal (डाल) Jat clan is found in Multan. [8] They were supporters of Chauhan Confederacy. Del is a Gotra of the Anjana Jats in Gujarat.


Dhul Gotra originated from person of the same name. [9]


B S Dahiya[10] writes:They are the Dahala of Indian History and literature. Their King Dahaladhisa (king of the Dahalas) is mentioned in Bilhan’s Vikramanka Deva Charita. [11] Dallan was the name of a scholiast on Susrauta. [12] Delhi is called the capital of Saka emperor (Sakadhipa Rajadhani) [13].

Dhal as a Maharaja has been mentioned in Udayagiri Cave Inscription of Chandragupta II (401-402 CE) along with Sanakânika and Chhagalaga.

Dhul (ढुल) is one of the principal clans of the Jats in Karnal, with its head- quarters at Pai. [14]

ढ़ुल गोत्र का इतिहास

पंडित अमीचन्द्र शर्मा[15]ने लिखा है - ढ़ुल गोत्र के बड़े का नाम ढ़ुल था जिससे यह गोत्र प्रारम्भ हुआ। ढ़ुल और सींदड़ सहोदर भाई थे। इसलिए आज भी परस्पर विवाह संबंध नहीं होते। ढ़ुल गोत्र चौहान संघ से अलग होकर बना है। ढ़ुल ने कराव किया और चौहान संघ से निकलकर जाट संघ में आ गया। चौहान संघ मुख्यत: जाट गोत्रों से ही बना था। रामराय और इकस इनके बड़े और प्रसिद्ध गाँव हैं।

Distribution in Haryana

Dhul Clan is found in following districts in Haryana:

Villages in Bhiwani district

Villages in Karnal district


Villages in Jind district

Dhul Jats found in villages:

Budha Khera, Ikkas, Pokari Kheri, Ramrai, Ramrai Khera,

Villages in Kaithal district

Bhana, Pai, Serdha,Badsikri Khurd,

Villages in Rohtak district

Bhagotipur (Bhagwatipur)

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

Dhal teh. (Mukerian),

Villages in Mohali district


Notable persons

  • Chaudhary Dal Singh - First Irrigation and Power Minister, Haryana.
  • Praveen Dhul - Rowing.
  • Jasbir Singh Dhull - Civil Judge Haryana, Civil Judge Residence, Bhiwani, Haryana, Ph: 01664-240671, (PP-992)
  • Hawa Singh Dhull - Accounts Officer Haryana.
  • Anant Kumar Dhull - IPS 1986 batch , Haryana Cadre.
  • Parminder Singh Dhull - MLA from Julana Constituency.
  • Smt. Ragho Devi Dhull - Educationist, Principal Haryana Govt. GSSS, 118, Vikas Nagar Rohtak, Haryana, Ph: 01262-243166 (PP-932).
  • Mr. Hawa Singh Dhull - Govt Service, AAO Electricity Haryana Govt., Central Electric Division, Karnal, H.No 1731, Sector-7, Urban Estate Karnal, Haryana, Ph: 0184-2281895 (PP-947).
  • Er. Ajay Dhull - From village Mundhal Khurd, District Bhiwani.
  • Vijay Dhull - IPS, Rajasthan
  • Deepika Singh (Dhull) : Officially only Deepika Singh, RS (C&CE) 2014 Batch, Currently at Training, NACEN Faridabad, M: 9818211709
  • Vijay Dhull: IPS 2012 U.P. S.P. Lucknau, From Sonipat, Haryana, M: 9873367383

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