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Dhe (ढे) [1][2]Dhe (धे)[3] is gotra of Jats. Dhe (ढे) is also name of a Baloch Jat clan found in Afghanistan.[4]


This gotra gets name from people who came back from Iran whom others called Dhe (ढे). Dhe (ढे) is derived from Dhe (धे) which in term originated from Plants (पौधे). Some consider to be originated from Dheva (ढेवा). [5]


The Dhe Jats, probably the descendants of immigrants from Bagar, a tract just beyond the border of Bikaner, moved into the western parts of the Hissar district around 1783 and took up the land abandoned after the terrible Chalisa famine of that year. Some of them came from Bikaner and Nabha in the early nineteenth century. The areas adjoining Bikaner and to the west of Bhiwani, such as Hissar and Fatehabad were called Bagar, a term meaning 'dry country' in common parlance. The term 'Bagri' was applied to a Hindu Rajput or Jat from the Bagar region. The Godaras and Punias, too, considered themselves to be Bagri Jats. While the Bagri Jats forged cultural links and matrimonial alliances with the Jats living in Rajasthan, the Deswali Jats did the same with their counterparts in western UP living on the other side of the Yamuna.

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