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Location of Dhundhala in Pali District

Dhundhala (धून्धला) is Villages in Marwar Junction tahsil of Pali district in Rajasthan.


It is a gram panchayat, located at 50 km from Pali in southest, 30 km from Marwar Junction in east. It is at a distance of 1 km from Sojat Road railway station.

Jat Gotras

Out of about 1000 families in the village 400 families are of Jats.


As per local people village was founded about 600 years back. During British time Sojat Road railway station was known by Dhundhala.


  • Nyati Nohra - Nyati Nohra of 12 kheras of Jats is spread over 4 bighas. There is a Shiva temple here and a big sabha hall of 5000 people's capacity. Jat sabha meetings are held here.
  • Manakeshwar Mahadev - Manakeshwar Mahadev is an old Shiva temple in the village. It is spread over 2 bighas. There is a sculptor of Hanumanji here and five spots of live samadhis. There is a program of Bhajan Sandhya organized here on every first Monday of Sawan month.


About 4000.

Notable persons

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