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Dhondha (धोंधा)[1] Dhaundha (धौंधा) is gotra of Jats.


The residents of the land on which Kuvalayashwa killed the Asura Dhundhu (धुन्धु) were known as Dhondha, who gave name to this gotra. [2]



Asura Dhundhu

Dhundhu was an Asura who harassed the sage Uttanka in his devotions. The demon hid himself beneath a sea of sand, but was dug out and killed by King Kuvalayaswa and his 21,000 sons, who were undeterred by the flames which checked their progress, and were all killed but three. This legend probably originated from a volcano or some similar phenomenon. From this exploit Kuvalayashwa got the name of Dhundhumara, 'slayer of Dhundhu.' [3]


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