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For Dayalpura village in Dudu tahsil (Rajasthan), please click Dayalpura Dudu

Dialpura is a village in Malerkotla tahsil in Sangrur district of Punjab, India.


Lepel H. Griffin[1] writes about Dialpura or Mirza-ka-Dialpura Sikhs: Third among the zamindari Phulkian families is that of Dialpura or Mirza-ka-Dialpura. The founder of this branch was Bulaki Singh, the third son of Sukhchen, and younger brother of Raja Gajpat Singh of Jhind. He first married, at Kot Kapura, Taran, a girl of a Nehre Sanduan family, who bore him a son named Mirza. His second wife, Malan, was the widow of his eldest brother Alam Singh. She was the mother of Jitu. Bulaki Singh died about the year 1785. The village of Dialpura was founded by Mirza, but both the brothers lived there, and their descendants, fifty-one in number, share it among them. The estate is worth Rs. 4,000 a year.

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