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Dichaon Kalan

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Dichaon Kalan (दिचाऊँ कलाँ) or Dichau (दिचाऊँ) near Najafgarh town in West Delhi is an ancient village, its real name in Sanskrit is 'Dev Uvaach' (देव उवाच) which means "from the mouth of Angels".


Dichau is in Outer Delhi near Najafgarh.

Being close to capital city, the village is now having a high living standard with many households as neo-riches, due to good prices of agricultural produce, both grains and vegetables in the capital city. Those families whose lands have been acquired by Government, are also doing well due to ample compensations received.


Jat Gotras

The main jat gotra of village is Shokeen (शौकीन) (also spelt as 'Shaukhanda' (श्योकंदा) by some members. Other gotra is Daral. there are also 2-3 family of Panwar jats from Ber Sarai village

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