Dr. Ashok Kumar Balyan

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Dr. Ashok Kumar Balyan

Dr. Ashok Kumar Balyan is the Managing director of Petronet LNG, India's largest liquefied natural gas importer. Before being appointed to his current position in 2010, he was the Chief HRD and director (HR) of ONGC.

A post-graduate from IIT Delhi and with a doctoral degree from erstwhile West Germany, awarded for his study on characterization of special liquid polymers using analytical techniques, Dr. Balyan has demonstrated his competence in myriad roles, ranging from heading regional exploration, managing a project in times of insurgency, leading the Corporate Management Services Group, to charting corporate strategies in HR. Dr. Balyan was also instrumental in staging ONGC's successful exercise in planning and executing the fifth International Energy Conference of 43 nations, on behalf of the Government of India. He headed the CBM-BPM Basin before taking over as Chief-HRD.

As Chief HRD, Dr. Balyan, apart from steering the implementation of change-initiatives in ONGC, also played a significant role in aligning the HR policies of the organisation to its corporate business strategy.

In 2006, he was conferred the Best HR-Head Award by Amity International Business School. The Award was conferred on Dr. Balyan in recognition of his being an epitome of inspiration, leadership and motivation, and for upholding the organization's objective to achieve new benchmarks. The award was presented during Amity Business School's ongoing 3rd Global HR Summit at Amity Campus, Noida on 31st August, 2006.

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