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Dr. G. S.. Sirohi

Dr. Giri Raj Singh Sirohi is a eminent scientist in the field of Science of Plant Physiology.He had carried out research in Antarctica, South Pole in 1960 for around 100 days in sub-zero temperatures. The research brought to light some important aspects of living beings which were not noticed or proved before.

To recognize Dr. G.S. Sirohi's research on South Pole on Biological Clock, the US Board of Geographical named a point at 83 57 S. Latitude, 170 06 E. Longitude as SIROHI POINT to honour Dr. G.S. Sirohi.

On 7 January 2003, on behalf of Indian Society for Plant Physiology, he was presented the Lifetime achievement award by Sh. Kalam, President of India at the International Science Congress at Ashoka Hotel, Delhi.

Dr. G.S. Sirohi was born in a village in Kheri, District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. His father Sh. Ganga Prasad was a Daroga in Police.

Indian Society for Plant Physiology (ISPP) every year presents an Award called Dr. G.S.Sirohi Award .This Award was instituted by the society in the year 1999 for the best article published in Indian Journal of Plant Physiology and presented every year during annual meeting.


  1. Published more than 100 research paper and several reviews in the prestigious national and international scientific journals.
  1. Conducted outstanding experiments on the biological clock at South Pole.
  1. Earning the Honour for my work done at South Pole, from the United States Board for Geographical Names, to have geographical feature in my name as SIROHI POINT at Antarctica, world map.
  1. Valueable research work at Delhi University, University of Calfornia and IARI, New Delhi and generating excellent research data.
  1. Managing the growth of science in the form of projects on Photosythesis and Crop Productivity in tropical environment with international collobration. The project generated excellent research data at all India basis at various centres in a coordinated manner.
  1. Managing and enhancing the research and teaching capabilities of scientists at IARI by having international scientific exchange programmes under UNDP Centre of Advanced Studies, which generated valuable research data.
  1. Managing and administering the Division of Plant Physiology at IARI to create a best centre for research and teaching in India.
  1. Producing a significant number of Ph.D. students who are now occupying the important administrative, research and teaching position in premium institutions in India at abroad.
  1. High degree of interaction with Indian Society for Plant Physiology and Association of Scientific Workers of India (ASWI), for enhancing growth of science.
  1. After retirement working for carrying appropriate science and technology to villages for generating useful employment.

Awards Received

  • Gold Medal for Senior distinguished agriculture scientist by Academy for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences.
  • J.J. Chinoy gold medal for excellent research work in the field of Physiology of flowering by the Ind. Soc. for Plant Phy.
  • R.D. Asana gold medal for distinguished work in the field of stress physiology for enhanced crop growth.#Excellent academic performance award in University of California,Los Angeles, U.S.A., $ 2,000 award with a merit certificate by Phi Beta Kappa Society of the U.S.A.

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