Dr. Giri Raj Singh Sirohi

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Dr G.S. Sirohi

Dr. Giri Raj Singh Sirohi was the first Indian to set foot on Antarctica. A place named after him in Antarctica , South Pole as 'Sirohi Point'.

Giri Raj Singh Sirohi is a scientist who carried out research in Antarctica, South Pole, Antarctica in 1960 for around 100 days in sub-zero temperatures.

To honour his breakthrough contribution to the Science of Plant Physiology, the American Government named a place after him in Antarctica , South Pole as 'Sirohi Point' in 1961 .

The objective of the experiments was to collect data on Biological Clock at the South Pole, since it represented a place where the rotational activity of the earth could be negated. The plant material (Soyabean etc.) and animal material (hamsters etc.) were studied at the South Pole. Project work took almost 12 months, out of which 4 months were spent at the South Pole and Antarctica. In appreciation and honour of the work done the place was named "SIROHI POINT" on the world map by the U.S. Board for Geographical names.

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