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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Draksha-prastha (द्राक्षा-प्रस्थ) is name of a town and country mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi and in Mahabharata.

Mention by Panini

Draksha-Prastha (द्राक्षाप्रस्थ) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [1]

Draksha (द्राक्षा) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [2]

Jat clans


Panini refers to Kapiśayana,[3] a famous wine from Kapiśa.[4] That Kapiśa was an emporium for the Kapiśayana wine and the product was exported and stored in large quantities in the ancient period is proved by the recent archaeological discoveries (1939) at this site of numerous glass flasks, fish-shaped wine jars and drinking cups which were used in the wine trade many centuries ago.[5] Besides, large ivory plaques were also found during excavations at this ancient site. The grapes called Kapiśayani Draksha and the wine called Kapiśayani Madhu are referred to in several ancient Indian literature.[6]

In Mahabharata

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