Dwarakeswar River

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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Location of Dwarakeswar River

Dwarakeswar River (Hindi: द्वारकेश्वर, Bengali: দ্বারকেশ্বর) (also known as Dhalkisor) is a major river in the western part of West Bengal.

Origin of name

Jat clan


It originates from Tilboni hill in Purulia district and enters Bankura district near Chhatna. It cuts across the district flowing past the district headquarters and enters the south-eastern tip of Bardhaman District. It then passes through Hooghly District.[1] The Silai joins it near Ghatal and the two together is known as Rupnarayan River, which flows into the Hooghly River near Gadiara in Howrah District.

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