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Gangore (गंगोरे) is a Jat Gotra in Punjab.


Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[1] mentions Troglodytice....We learn also from the same author that some nations of the Troglodytae have the name of Therothoæ28, being so called from their skill in hunting. They are remarkable for their swiftness, he says, just as the Ichthyophagi are, who can swim like the animals whose element is the sea. He speaks also of the Bangeni, the Gangoræ, the Chalybes, the Xoxinæ, the Sirechæ, the Daremæ, and the Domazames.

28 Apparently meaning in the Greek the "jackal-hunters," θηροθῶες. For an account of this animal, see B. viii. c. 52, and B. xv. c. 95.

Jat Gotras Namesake

Gangra is a historical city presently called Çankırı, the capital city of Çankırı Province, in Turkey. Pliny has mentioned it as Gangre. [2]. Its Variants are: Cankiri, Çankırı, Changra, Gagra for the Jews, Gangra (Greek: Γάγγρα), Gangre (, Germanicopolis (Greek: Γερμανικόπολις), Hangara for the Arabs, Kandari, Kanghari, Kângıri or Çankıri for the Turks, Kankiri, Tzungra for the Turks, Kiengareh, Kangreh, Changeri.



Gangore population is 3,900 in Patiala district.[3]

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