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Ratan Lal Ghatela, Nalkui

Ghatela (घटेला), Gatela (गटेला), Gatiyala (गटियाला)[1] Gotra Jats live in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.



The inscriptions on the Railing of the Bharhut Stupa record the names of the donors of different parts of the Railing. Some of them also give the calling or occupation of the donors, and several add the name of their native city, or place of residence. Inscriptions on Rails— S. W. Quadrant. [2] reads as under:

45. Moragirimā Ghāṭila Māta dānam. = " Gift of Ghatila's mother of Moragiri."

This mentions the donation of Ghatila's mother of Moragiri.

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Nimach district

Luharia Jat,

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Bangrod 1, Bardiya goyal 1, Berchha 1, Damottar 18, Dantodiya 1, Dhamottar 20, Dhaunswas 1, Dheekwa 1, Ghatwas 1, Mundari 1, Nalkui 12, Namli 1, Negarda 5, Raoti 1, Ratlam 1,

Villages in Indore district

Indore, Pardeshipura (a locality in Indore city)

Villages in Hoshangabad district

Kahariya ( Tah:Seoni Malwa),

Villages in Harda district

Adampur Harda, Bhadugaon, Dagawan Neema, Sengud, Sonkhedi,

Villages in Dhar district

Dhar Madhya Pradesh,

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Nagaur district

Ghatela Gotra Jats lives in:

Athiyasan, Borwa, Phardod,

Ghatiyala Gotra Jats lives in:

Bhanwal Nagaur, Dodiyana,

Notable persons

  • Jai Ram Ghatela - Indore, Mob: 9425190780[3]
  • Jag Ram Jat (Ghatela) - Got Silver Medal in 17th Asian Masters Athletics Championship Taipe (Taiwan) in November 2012. He is working as Assistant Grade-2 in Commercial Tax Circle Indore (M.P.).[4]
  • Gopal Jat (Ghatela) - Advocate, E-34, Janta Colony, Dhar, Mob: 9754770107

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