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Ghungrana (Ghumgrana) is a village in Ludhiana West tahsil of Ludhiana district in Punjab.

Jat Gotras


The conquests of Ranjit Singh during 1807-1808

As per Lepel H. Griffin[1] Ranjit Singh marched by way of Ambala to Naraingarh, a strong fort held by Kour Kishan Singh, which he invested. For nearly three weeks it held out, and in one of the assaults, Sirdar Fatah Singh, Kalianwala, one of Ranjit Singh's bravest Generals, was mortally wounded. After the capture of the place, it was conferred with its surrounding villages on Sirdar Fatah Singh Ahluwalia, the estate being valued at Rs. 12,580 a year. The same Chief received 3 villages of Jat Mal Singh of Raipur, worth Rs. 1,200 ; and 3 villages in Ghumgrana, captured from the same Chief and worth Rs. 2,255, were given to Raja Bhag Singh of Jhind, with the estate of Morinda, in Sirhind, taken from the sons of Dharam Singh who refused to pay a nazrana to the invader. This estate consisted of 27 villages and was worth Rs. 17,000. The Nabha Chief only received one village from the Ghumgrana estate ; while Diwan Mokham Chand, who was fast rising to favour, obtained the district of Zira, now in the Firozpur district, taken

* A copy of this document accompanies the letter of Captain Ross, D. Superintendent to Agent to Governor General Dehli, dated 5th February 1823.


from the widow of Sirdar Mohr Singh Nishanwala and comprising 12 villages, worth Se. 7,500 ; Kot Kapura in the same district, held by Jaggat Singh of Buria with 11 villages, worth Rs. 61,400 ; and 12 villages from Dharam Kot, being part of the estate of Sirdar Tara Singh Gheba who had lately died. The remainder of this estate, with the exception of a few villages, was given in jagir to Gharba Singh, whose share consisted of 62 villages, worth Rs. 22,634. The remainder of the Ghumgrana district, 36 villages, worth Be. 23,415, was conferred on Sirdar Karam Singh of Nagla.*

During this same campaign the district of Wadni in Firozpur was conquered by Diwan Mokham Chand, and later in the year was given by the Maharaja to his mother-in-law Mai Sada Kour, whose family lived in Raoki, a Wadni village.

* Vide Appendix A. The fort of Ghumgrana, with these villages, belonged to Sirdar Tara Singh Gheba. Soon after his death, the Rajas of Pattiala, Nabha, Jhind, Bhai Lal Singh of Kythal and Gurdit Singh of Ladwa, joined forces and besieged it. The fort was defended by Gujar Singh, son of Sirdar Tara Singh]], for some time with success ; till at length [[Ranjit Singh raised the siege by a message to the confederated Chiefs, ordering them to desist, and, in spite of their disgust, they obeyed the order. Was it then possible that the Maharaja, for once in his life, should protect the weak against the strong, and do an action which might be called generous ? The motive was easily found. He sent an army to seize the fort and estate for himself; and the unfortunate Gujar Singh, unable to resist, fled to Pattiala.

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