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Location : Punjab and Rajasthan

Country : India

Languages : Punjabi, Rajasthani

Religion : Sikh, Hindu

Gondara (गोंदारा) is a gotra and surname of Jatts in Punjab and Rajasthan in India.[1]


The Gondara clan derives it's name from their ancestor named Gondara who was a Jatt man. He founded the village Gondara in the 18th century, now located in Faridkot, Punjab, India.


Gondara is a surname that belongs to the Jatt caste. In the 18th century, parts of the Gondara clan emigrated from Rajasthan and settled in Punjab. They are land owners who practice agriculture and farming. They have also held prominent positions as Sarpanchs, Pardhans, and Mukhyias of their respective village's and area's Panchayat - making tough decisions and shaping their strong lineage into what it is today.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Faridkot District

Gondara is a village in tahsil Jaitu, district Faridkot, state Punjab. The main profession of the village is agriculture as many residents are land owners and Zaildar's of plots in the surrounding areas.


Gondara Jatts have adopted the Sikh faith - Jatt Sikh.

Notable Persons

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