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Location of Gunawad is in northeast of Namli in Ratlam District

Gunawad (गुणावद) is a village in Ratlam tahsil in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh. Population-2,231. Bheriya, Danga, Mandiya and Suran are notable Jat Gotras here.

Jat Gotras in this village

As per Veer Jat Parichayavali, Anand Prakashan Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh), the gotra wise population of Jats, including that of women, living in the village is as under:

Beriya 10, Bherid 1, Bheriya 56, Bopcha 9, Danga 35, Dhayal 4, Gashliya 13, Godara 1, Jawar 6, Jawat 14, Jhajhunda 7, Mandiya 25, Nera 19, Rundara 8, Suran 36, Tandi 3,


There are temples of Shankaraji and Mataji on the bank of Maleni River. There are remains of ancient statues scattered all around the temple. This is very ancient village even of period earlier than Mauryas and the Guptas. Faridsahab paid homage to the God about 1400 years back while he stayed at Badawda. There is a tomb constructed in his memory. People come to this place from far off places.[1]

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