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Sena and Guttika (237 BC to 215 BC) were two Damila chiefs from South India who invaded the kingdom of Anuradhapura and killed King Suratissa. They reigned from 237 BC to 215 BC.


They were originally two traders who came to Sri Lanka to sell horses; however, they killed Suratissa, the king of Anuradhapura, and ruled the kingdom for 22 years.

King Asela defeated them and re-established the kingdom as a Sinhalese monarchy.

Jat clans

In Mahavansa

Mahavansa/Chapter 21 mentions ....Two Damilas, Sena and Guttika, sons of a freighter who brought horses hither, conquered the king Süratissa (of Lanka), at the head of a great army and reigned both (together) twenty-two years justly. But when Asela had overpowered them, the son of Mutasiva, the ninth among his brothers, born of the same mother, he ruled for ten years onward from that time in Anuradhapura. A Damila of noble descent, named Elara, who came hither from the Chola-country to seize on the kingdom, ruled when he had overpowered king Asela, forty-four years, with even justice toward friend and foe, on occasions of disputes at law.

Mahavansa/Chapter 10 tells....Pandukabhaya's mother and he himself had been befriended by Abhaya, he did not slay the king Abhaya, his eldest uncle, but handed over the government to him for the night-time: he became the `Nagara-guttika' (Guardian of the City). From that time onward there were nagaraguttikas in the capital. Here Guttika is in the sense of Guardian.