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Hajrah (हाज्रा) Hajra (हजरा) Hajra (हजरा)[1] is a Gotra of the Jats. Hajra (हजरा) Hinjra (हिन्जरा ), Hinjrai (हिन्जराय), Hinjraon (हिन्जराओं) Jat clan is found in Multan, Pakistan. It is probably same as Hijra or Hinjra[2] Hijra (हिजड़ा)is an important Jat clan, i.e. Hinjra. [3]



H.A. Rose writes:Hinjra (हिन्जरा ), Hinjrai (हिन्जराय), Hinjraon (हिन्जराओं). (or, incorrectly, Hijra), an important Jat tribe, indigenous to the Gujranwala Bār. The original form of the word must have been Hinjrama : cf. Jagrama. now Jagrion grama, now graon. Once a pastoral tribe, perhaps of aboriginal extraction, they own 37 villages in Gujranwala which is their home, but have spread both east and west under the hills. They claim to be Saroha Rajputs by origin and say that their ancestor Hinjraon came from the neighbourhood of Hissar to the Hafizabad parqana in Gujranwala and founded a city called Uskhab, the ruins of which still exist. Their immediate ancestors were Mal and Dhol, (Or Kaholia, according to the Hist, of Sialkot, p. 26.) and they say that half their clans still live in the Hissar country. [4]

Jaun (जौन) tribe of Jats descended from an eponym, who was a Jat, of Hinjraon descent. [5]


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