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Haray (हराय)[1] (Haraya, Haraira) Harai (हराय) [2] is a Jat clan. Harai are found in Chitral district in Pakistan and Afghanistan. [3]



H.A. Rose [4] writes that the Chitrali (चितराली ), Chitral, Chitrar or Chitlar, as it is also called, will be found described in the Imperial Gazetteer, are inhabitants of the State of Chitral. The Chitralis are divided into three classes — Adamzadas, Arbābzādas and Faqir-Miskin.The other Adamzada clans include Rono. From the Rono families the wazirs are generally, but not always, chosen. The Ronos are most numerous in Yassin, Mastuj and Chitral, and are found, though in decreasing numbers, as one goes eastward, in Nilgar, Gilgit, Punyal, etc. In Nagar and Yassin they call themselves Hara or Haraiyo, in Wakhan and Sarikul Khaibar-Khatar, and in Shighnan Gaibalik-Khatar. Wherever found they are held in great respect.

Three principal traditions as to their origin exist,

  • (1) that they descended from Zun, Rono and Harai, the three sons of Sumalik who ruled in Mastuj before the Shdhrei dynasty of the Shins was established ;
  • (2) that they are of Arab descent, from Muhammad Hanifa, son of Ali ; and
  • (3) that they came from the ancient principality of Rajauri, near Punch, and are descended from three brothers, Sirang, Surung and Khangar Phututo. In appearance generally taller than the other inhabitants of Chitral, with rather high cheek-bones, oval faces not thickly bearded, and fairly developed features.

Rono appears to be unquestionably the same word as Rana, the change from a to o being very common. Philological speculation might suggest the following equivalents:

Sumalik = Siwalik ;
Zun = Jun, the aborigines of Sialkot ;
Khatar = Kshatriya, Khattri, or Khattar (in Rawalpindi).

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