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Ichauliya (इचौलिया) Icholia/Icholiya (इचोलिया) Icholya (इचोल्या) Incholia (इंचोलिया) Gotra Jats live in Tonk, Jaipur districts in Rajasthan.


Ichauliya clan may have originated from Ichchhaṭi or Ichchhiṭa of Rajatarangini.


Rajatarangini[1] tells us ....The valor of Udaya, born of the line of Ichchhaṭi, was conspicuous in battle, although he was very young. He dwelt with Prithvihara, but the latter pulled him by the beard, whereupon he beat Prithvihara and snatched the sword from his hand. The battle took place just by the side of the capital, and oven women and children were killed, being accidentally struck by arrows. Thus, there was an increased slaughter of men, and the king became confounded and he was unable to get out of the array of the soldiers. When the king's movement was thus stopped, Somapala took this opportunity to plunder Chāṭalikā. (VIII,p.65)

Rajatarangini[2] tells us that when Sussala became king of Kashmir second time in 1121 AD he had to face defeat but continued the renewal of war. .... Although the king Sussala's army was destroyed, yet with twenty or thirty men of the royal blood and of his own country, Sussala faced the enemies.

Udaya and Dhanyaka, Kshatriyas, born of Ichchhita family, of the royal blood and of his own country, helped Sussala in facing the enemies in 1121 AD.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Bhilwara district

Amli Kaloosingh (7), Kotri Bhadwon Ki,

Villages in Tonk district

Deshami (3), Rahimpura (1), Wajirnagar (1),

Villages in Jaipur district

Icholya (इचोल्या) Jats live in villages: Gopalpura Jhadala (2), Mandawara Nareda (14),

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Indore district


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