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Late Ch. Inder Singh Sheokand

Late Ch. Inder Singh Sheokand (b: Sept. 13, 1923, d: ---) was a well-known leader of United Punjab and Haryana. He was born in village Dumarkha Kalan in Jind district of Haryana.

Ch. Inder Singh Sheokand was a member of Punjab Vidhan Sabha during the period 1957-1962. He was jailed during 1976-77 when Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency in India. After Emergency was lifted, he contested election for Lok Sabha, under Janta party ticket, from Hisar constituency of Haryana. His bio-profile, available at Lok Sabha's website, is given below.

Bio Profile at the website of Lok Sabha

6th Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

SHEOKAND, SHRI INDER SINGH, B.A., LL.B., Janata, (Haryana—Hissar—1977): s. of Chaudhary Ram Chand; b at Dumerkha Kalan village; September 13, 1923; ed. at State High School, Jind, D.A. V. College, Jullundur City and Delhi University; m. Smt. Saraswati Devi, May 16, 1941; 6 s. and 2 d.; Advocate; previously associated with Congress, 1941—52, and Congress (O) 1969—77; suffered in Praja Mandai Movement against princely order in erstwhile Patiala State, arrested several times in connection with Anti-Untouchability and Anti-Begar Movement, Civil Liberty and Anti-betterment Levy Agitation, Hindi Agitation, Teachers and Government Employees Agitation and Tenants Agitation, 1947—74; Member, Haryana State Sangharsh Samiti; detained under MISA, 1975—77; Member, (i) PEPSU Congress Executive Committee, 1950—52, (ii) All India Congress Committee; General Secretary, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (O), 1974—77; Vice-president (i) PEPSU Hindi Sahitya Summelan 1952—54 (ii) PEPSU and Punjab Kisan Sabha 1954—56; Founder-President, Haryana Praja Mandal 1953—57; President, PEPSU Punjab and Himachal Pradesh Transport, Workers Union 1957-58; Member (i) PEPSU Vidhan Sabha, 1952 (ii) Punjab Vidhan Sabha, 1957—62; Minister of Revenue, United Front Ministry, PEPSU, 1952; Chairman, Government Assurances Committee, Punjab, 1957-58; Member, (i) Public Estimates Committee, Punjab, 1958-59, (ii) Privileges Committee, Punjab, 1960-61 and (iii) Jail Advisory Committee, Punjab 1961-62; attended Vienna Session of World Peace Council as a delegate, 1953.

Social activities: Actively associated with the problems of agriculturists and the downtrodden.

Favourite pastime and recreation: Studying and gardening.

Sports and clubs: Athletics.

Travels abroad: Austria and U.S.S. R. in 1953.

Permanent address: Ram Nagar, Saraswati Bhawan, Narwana, Jind District, Haryana.

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