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Location of Itayalimau near Gohad in Bhind District

Itayalimau (इटायली मऊ) (Itayali) is a village and Fort in Gohad tahsil of Bhind District in Madhya Pradesh.



Various Jat clans had an important role in running the administration of Gohad state. The supreme power of the state vested in the King but the senior chieftains from Jat clans in-charge of various forts in the state used to keep a balance.

Rana Bhim Singh (1702-1755) became ruler of Gohad after death of his father Rana Jaswant Singh. Gohad became a powerful state in regime of Rana Bhim Singh. There were 125 chieftains looking after the affairs of various forts. Some prominent chieftains were: [1] (Ojha,p.60)

  1. Neerpura - Rao Balju
  2. Itayali - Kunwar Madho Singh
  3. Karwas - Hameer Singh
  4. Pipada - Vikramdutta
  5. Mudhaina - Kunwar Guman Singh

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