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Brief Sketch

Jai Prakash

Shri Jai Prakash was born on 2 Dec. 1954 at village Dubbal in Kaithal district of Haryana. Brought up in the lap of rural Haryana, he is one of the promising politician of Haryana.

Shri Jai Prakash started his political career under the shadow of Chaudhary Devi Lal who appointed him president of the Green Brigade and came into lime light when he, along with other activists, descended on Allahabad to lend support in the by-election of VP Singh in 1989.

He was elected MP Lok Sabha in 1990 and remained minister in the Union Govt.

He has the distinction of winning Hisar parliamentary seat three times as nominee of three different political parties. In 1996, he was elected to 11th Lok Sabha. In 2004, he was elected to 14th Lok Sabha. In 2011, he again contested on the Congress ticket but could not win this seat.

As MLA in Haryana

In Oct. 2014, he contested MLA election from Kalayat constituency as Congress candidate and won. But during elections in October 2019, he could not win, when Mrs. Kamalesh Dhanda of BJP got elected.

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