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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R), Jaipur.
Mrs. Jaiwanti Sheokand

Mrs. Jaiwanti Sheokand (b.1947 ) is a retired IAS officer of Haryana cadre.

Early life

She was born in June 1947 in Danoda Kalan village of Narwana Tehsil in Jind Distt of Haryana. She has the distinction of being the first lady bureaucrat in India who was born in a village to parents who did not receive even primary education. Her father Ch. Ramjilal Nain, an agriculturist, chanced to go to school for one and half year only, but he imparted education up to post graduate level to four of his children. In his entire life of 90 years (he left for heavenly abode in 2001), her father Ramji Lal never smoked bidi, cigarette, hukkah and never touched liquor throughout his life. Being a tee-totaller and never in the habit of smoking, he had a great personal quality in him especially at a time when almost the whole Haryanvi rural society indulged into such habits. His qualities of diligence and very neat and clean habits in life gave unspoken message to all those who intended to achieve higher values in life.


Mrs. Jaiwanti was the first amongst girls in her native village to start going to the school. Right from the beginning, she evinced keen interest in studies. Though passing matriculation examination was considered a great feat during those days, especially in case of rural girls, Jaiwanti showed keen interest to continue her studies.

As college lecturer

She rose to be a college lecturer in Govt. College Jind immediately after passing her MA in English from Post Graduate Regional Centre Rohtak of Punjab University. While studying, she showed keen interest in co-curricular activities including sports, NCC, declamation contests etc and remained member of the Central Association of the college for all the four years. Her mother, Smt. Gogri Devi rejoiced at her achievements occasionally but was-simultaneously apprehensive sometimes when village folks would often scare her by discussing that girls education is of no use to parents and that girls should be married off at the earliest.

At the age of 23 years Jaiwanti got married to Prof Ram Kumar Sheokand. She was teaching in a college at that time. After teaching for 5 years in three different colleges, she joined the State Civil Service Haryana in 1974 on the basis of a competitive examination held in 1972-73. She was the only woman candidate to qualify this examination that year.

Indian Administrative Service

After having worked on posts like Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Managing Director, Special Collector (Rent Control), she was promoted to the Indian Administrative Service during the year 1985. She has the credit of remaining the District Collector of Mahendragarh, Panipat and Kaithal districts of Haryana.

Jaiwanti retired on 30th June, 2007 after an unblemished and distinguished career on 38 years of service.

After retirement

After retirement from the Govt. Service, she worked as President of Haryana Unit of Harijan Sewak Sangh (an institution estd. by Mahatma Gandhi in 1932) for five years. In Haryana, this responsibility was earlier held by Ch. Ranbir Singh Hooda, father of Chief Minister of Haryana and also Ch. Devi Lal ji.

At present, she is closely associated with Gandhi Global family and is the president of Senior Citizens Council in Jind Distt. and Senior Vice President of Haryana State Senior Citizens Forum. Female literary and empowerment of women are among her social interests. Jaiwanti has visited countries like Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, UK, France, Holland, Italy, Australia and Japan in officia1/private capacity. Her illustrious career should be an inspiration to the youngsters to work hard for success in their chosen careers.


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