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Jalaluddin Firuz Khilji or Jalal-ud-din Khilji or simply Jalaluddin Khilji (Urdu: جلال الدین فیروز خلجی‎) (died: 20 July 1296) was the first sultan of the Khilji Dynasty, who reigned from 1290 to 1296. Jalaluddin built his capital at Kilughari, a few miles from the city of Delhi, and completed the unfinished palace and gardens of Sultan Qaiqabad, the last ruler of Slave Dynasty.

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Jalaluddin Khilji was born as Malik Firuz, in Qalat, Zabul province of Afghanistan, into Khilji family. He was of Turkic ethnic background. He was appointed by Sultan Qaiqabad (1286-1290) as the commander of his army. Soon, Sultan Qaiqabad suffered from a paralytic stroke and Jalaluddin marched towards Delhi. The nobles placed Kayumars, the three-year-old son of Qaiqabad, on the throne. But the three sons of Jalaluddin dashed into the city and carried away the infant Sultan, who was later murdered. Thus, on 13 July 1290, Jalaluddin Khilji was enthroned as the ruler.

After the accession to the throne, Jalaluddin allowed Malik Chhajju, the nephew of Balban, to retain his freedom of Kara-Manikpur. He also enshrined some responsibilities to his three sons. His two nephews, Alauddin and Almas Beg received significant responsibilities in the royal household.

In 1292, the Sultan defeated a Mongol army who had invaded north-western India. He then allowed them to retreat.


In 1296, he was killed by his nephew Alauddin, who became the second ruler of the Khilji Dynasty.

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