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Jarua Katra (जारुआ कटरा) is a Jat village, mainly of Bhagaur, in tehsil Agra of Agra district in Uttar Pradesh. This is an old historical village founded by Shri Jagman Singh. This is a well-developed village.


It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Agra on an approach road from 13th km on Agra-Tantpur road.

Jat Gotras in the village


Total population : 8938
(Males: 4928, Females: 4010)
(according to statistical data of Census 2011)[1]

Majority of families are of Bhagaur Jats. The other Jat Gotras inhabiting the village are Dagur, Haga, Mahure, Rana, Gaihar and Chahar.


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