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Haryanvi Ghumar Dance

Ghumar dance

Ghumar is a Rajasthani dance also popular in the area of Loharu, Dadri, Sirsa and Hisar. This is a religious dance and is performed by women devotees on their way to the temple. Women start dancing in a circle, then move to dancing in two rows and end up dancing in twos in a circle.

Dhamal dance

This is an ancient dance popular among the Jats in Haryana and Rajasthan. The dance is performed outdoors by men on moonlit nights of Phalgun. They sing and dance to the sound of the Dhamal beats. At the start of the dance a long tune of 'Been' is played. It is said that the people perform this dance whenever their crop is ready for harvesting.

Gugga dance

Gugga is worshiped all over Haryana and Rajasthan. Gugga Pir is worshipped by both Hindus and Muslims. The dance is done in a procession held about a week before the Gugga naumi. The devotees sing and dance in praise of Gugga. The dance is accompanied by musical instruments like 'Deru', 'Thali' and 'Chimta'.

Tuntia or Khoria dance

This dance is popular in the central areas of Haryana as Khoria and known as Tuntia in Rajasthan. This dance is performed by women at the house of the bridegroom in the night on which the marriage party has gone to the bride's house. By this dance the women ask for the safe and sound return of the marriage party along with the newly wed couple. By staying awake whole night for this dance, they also protect their house since the men folk are all away to the bride's house. Due to the bawdy nature of this dance children are generally kept away.

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