Zur geschichte und Kultur der Jat

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The author of this article is Laxman Burdak.
Zur geschichte und Kultur der Jat
(History and culture of the Jats)
By von Sigrid Westphal-Hellbusch und Heinz Westphal.
Publisher Berlin : Duncker, & Humblot, 1968

Table of contents:English Version

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A.The Jats outside India ....11

  • 1. The pre-Islamic propagation of the Jats towards Persia and Iraq ....11
  • 2. The first contact of the Jats with Islam and their partisaship for certain sects ....22
  • 3. The uprising of the Jats ....33
  • 4. The Jats on their way towards Europ ....41
  • 5. The Qarmaties- their eastely expansion overlapping the Jats....49
  • 6. The 'Jats' a loose collective name ....54

B. The Jats in India ....58

  • 1. The ethnographical reports ....58
  • 2. The historical accounts till 1000 A.D....76
  • 3. The historical accounts after 1000 A.D....107
  • 4. The history of Sindh after Arab invasion....127

C. The Jats in the Delta Region of the Indus and in Kutch ....158

I. The Race/Tribe of the Jat- Baloch in the Delta Region of the Indus ....158

  • 1. The political organistion of the tribe.... 158
  • 2. The ethnic composition of the tribe ....165
  • 3. The social structure of the Oraks, patrilinearilt and hierarchy of age ....178
  • 4. Political organisation and landed property ....188
  • 5. The tribal groups in the arrangement with the new times ....203

II. The Jats in Kutch... 216

  • 1. Summary of the History of Kutch before the Treaty with the English, 1809 ....216
  • 2. Summary of the History of the Jats according to their Oral Tradition ....221
  • 3. Ethnographic Position in light of the LocL Tradition ....232
  • 4. Some Supplementary Ethnographic Observations ....273
  • 5. The Political development in Kutch after 1809 in its significance for the Jats....288

III. The Religion in the Life of the Jats, Holy Pirs and Sayids ....293

Conclusion .... 3o8

BIbliography ....314

Index ....325

Names of Ethnic units, Groups, Tribes and Confederations....337

Index of the Places and Regions that figure in the Text....341

Family Tree of the Madhani, Banni ....345

Table of contents:German Version

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Review by Albert Heinrich

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