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Janra is a village in Fatehgarh Jaisalmer Tahsil of Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan.



It was founded by Janra, an ancestor of Sidhu Barar Jats.

Jat Gotras


H.A. Rose[1] writes that Bhati , a tribe of Hindus, chiefly interesting as being the ancestors of the Bhattis and the Sidhu Barar Jats, as the following table shows : —

[Fagan—Hissar Gazetteer, pp. 124, 127—129.]


According to H.A. Rose:[2] The Hissar tradition says that the Battis are of the Jatu family, and that like the Tunwars they trace their origin to remote antiquity. At some distant period, two persons named Bhatti and Sumija are said to have come to this country from Mathura. The latter had no male issue, and his descendants (called Joiyas) live in Sirsa. After some generations the of the family of the former, niinnd Rusalu, became Raja— he had two sens, Dusul and Jaisul. The latter became Raja of Jaisalmer, where his descendants still reign. The former remained in Bhattiana— he had ony one son, named Janra, who had several wives by whom he had 21 sons, whose [p.103]descendants established different tribes, such as the Lakhiwal, Sidhu, and Barar Jats. Janra founded the town of Abohur, naming it after his wife Abho— by this wife he had three sons- Rajpal, Chun and Dhum :— the Wattus are descendants of the first- the Mai Rajputs of the second— and the Nawab of Rania and his family, of the third. Inasmuch as the Bhattis were more numerous than the rest, the country was called Bhattiana. The habits, manners and customs of Bhattis are similar to those of the Tunwars. (Hissar Settlement Report, p. 8, §§ 25, 26.)

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