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Jawanda (जवंडा) or Javanda (जवंदा) is Gotra of Jats in Punjab. It is branch of Pachchhande Jats. [1]


The Jawanda clan derives its name from their ancestor named Jawanda in the lineage of Bhati King Dusal.

Early History Jawanda clan

They are from the lineage of Dusal, Dusal, a yaduvanshi Bhati Jatt .King Dusaj (1043 AD) appointed Jaisal's younger brother Vijayraj Lanjha as his successor. After Vijayraj took the throne, Jaisal was driven out of the kingdom and formed an army. Vijayraj Lanjha died on the battlefield in the resulting war. Following this war, other Bhati Rajputs accepted Jaisal as their new king and stopped fighting among themselves; however, the city of Lodhruva was completely destroyed. With the waning of Buddhist influence and the re-emergence of Hinduism, some of the Bhati jatt split into Rajput and Kayamkhanis.

In the 12th century, the Jawandas settled in Bathinda, Mansa and Sangrur. In the 17th century, when ninth Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur, visited Malwa to popularise Sikhism, there were 22 villages of Jawandas. (Guru visited Malwa during his three successive trips to Kiratpur.)

A Harika Jatt named Durgu was also living there who was son-in-law of Jawandas. He served the Guru to his best. Guru told him that this area is going to be ruined and advised him to go back to his previous village in Doaba. Taloka, their chieftain, ignored the Guru.

Some time later the Jawandas were ruined by Muslim Sheikhs. Uprooted, some of the Jawandas went towards Saharanpur while others went to Bathinda (founded by Rao Bhatti), Mansa, Muktsar, Faridkot and Ludhiana. Presently they are settled mostly in the areas of Sunam, Barnala and Malerkotla.

Bhai Dharam Singh Ji, the second of Guru Gobind Singhji's Panj Piare (five beloved followers) was a Jawanda belonging to Hastinapur (Delhi). Before being baptized his name was Dharam Chand Jawanda.

Sucha Singh Soorma, who lived in the village of Sumau (near Sangrur in the Malwa Punjab) is a Jawanda. Sucha Singh is considered a folk legend (one of the famous Punjabi Kisse). He is widely admired in Punjabi culture for upholding the honour of his family by killing his sister-in-law Balbiro and her extramarital lover Ghukkar, who at one time was his own best friend.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Jalandhar district

Villages in Sangrur district

Villages in Amritsar district

Villages in Fatehgarh Sahib district

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Saharanpur district

Paniyali Kasimpur,

Notable persons

  • Gurdit Singh Jawanda


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