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Jayant Chaudhary

Jayant Chaudhary (जयंत चौधरी) (Tewatia) (born 27 December, 1978) is an Indian politician. He is a "Rashtriya Lok Dal" leader and was a member of "15th Lok Sabha" represented Mathura (Lok Sabha constituency) in Uttar Pradesh state.

Jayant Chaudhary is grandson of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh and son of RLD chief Chaudhary Ajit Singh.

In May 2014, he could not win the Lok Sabha election from Mathura constituency, when he was defeated by BJP candidate, Hema Malini. Also, in Lok Sabha elections held in May 2019, he had to face defeat in Bagpat constituency, when the BJP candidate won the seat.

Jayant is affectionately called as "Chhote Chaudhary" in Western Uttar Pradesh. He is a great politician and real leader of modern politics.  He may be called future leader of JAT community in India. He has strong hold in Western Uttar Pradesh and believes in clear and clean politics. Great Person.........

Jayant chaudhary is a graduate from "London School of Economics". He is helping his father in party affairs and wished to bring more youngsters into the RLD fold to strengthen its base.

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