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Jhala (झाला) [1] Jhalli (झल्ली)[2][3] Jhall (झल्ल)[4] Jhillak (झिल्लक)[5][6] is gotra of Jats in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Jhalli (झल्ली), a small clan of Jats in Ambala. The word is said to mean " mad." [7] James Tod places it in the list of Thirty Six Royal Races.[8]


It originated from ruler of Patari (पाटरी) named Jhal (झाल). [9]

Patari is a village in Raghurajnagar tahsil in Satna district in the Madhya Pradesh.

The Jalwani division of Shirani is apparently derived from the Rajput Jhala (Makwahana), which probably gave its name to the Jhalawar division of Kalat Balochistan. [10]

In the beginning of the 12th century, the descendents of Jhalli son of Gillpal, made Payal their center and founded the village of Chemo Naame, Dhamot, Gouriwala, Gill, Sihora are old Gill villages. Gills and Dhaliwal are also settled in Jagdeo Kalan village in Majha.

The Jhalli clan people have their Jathera at Dhamot in Ludhiana.

James Tod on Jhalas

James Tod is a pioneer historian on Jats who thoroughly scrutinized the bardic records of Rajasthan and Gujarat and also brought to light over a dozen inscriptions on the Jats. We reproduce the Chapter 7 Catalogue of the Thirty Six Royal Races from Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, Volume I, Publisher: Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press 1920, p. 135-136:

Jhala Makwana

This tribe also inhabits the Saurashtra peninsula. It is styled Rajput, though neither classed with the Solar, Lunar, nor Agnikula races ; but though we cannot directly prove it, we have every right to assign to it a northern origin. It is a tribe little known in Hindustan or even Rajasthan, into which latter country it was introduced entirely through the medium of the ancient lords of Saurashtra, the present family of Mewar ; a sanction which covers every defect. A splendid act of self- devotion of the Jhala chief, when Rana Partap was oppressed with the whole weight of Akbar's power, obtained, with the gratitude of this prince, the highest honours he could confer, — his daughter in marriage, and a seat on his right hand. That it was the act, and not his rank in the scale of the thirty-six tribes, which gained him this distinction, we have decided proof in later times, when it was deemed a mark of great condescension that the present Rana should sanction a remote branch of his own


family bestowing a daughter in marriage on the Jhala ruler of Kotah.1 This tribe has given its name to one of the largest divisions of Saurashtra, Jhalawar, which possesses several towns of importance. Of these Bankaner, Halwad, and Dhrangadra are the principal.

Regarding the period of the settlement of the Jhalas tradition is silent, as also on their early history : but the aid of its quota was given to the Rana against the first attacks of the Muhammadans ; and in the heroic history of Prithwiraja we have ample and repeated mention of the Jhala chieftains who distinguished themselves in his service, as well as in that of his antagonist, and the name of one of these, as recorded by the bard Chand, I have seen inscribed on the granite rock of the sacred Girnar, near their primitive abodes, where we leave them. There are several subdivisions of the Jhala, of which the Makwana is the principal.

1 His son, Madho Singh, the present administrator, is the offspring of the celebrated Zalim and a Ranawat chieftain's daughter, which has entitled his (Madho Singh's) issue to marry far above their scale in rank. So much does superiority of blood rise above all worldly considerations with a Rajput, that although Zalim Singh held the reins of the richest and best ordered State of Rajasthan, he deemed his family honoured by his obtaining to wife for his grandson the daughter of a Kachhwaha minor chieftain.

झिल्लिक (झल्ल) जाट जनपद

झिल्लिक (झल्ल) महाभारत भीष्मपर्व अध्याय 9 के अनुसार भारतवर्ष के जनपदों में झिल्लिक (झल्ल) जाट जनपद भी था। आज भी इस जाटवंश के लोग कई प्रान्तों में हैं। [11]

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Patiala district

Jhalli population is 1,5900 in Patiala district.[12]

Villages in Sangrur district

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Mundari 1,


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