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Jhojhu Kalan

Jhojhu Kalan is a village in Charkhi Dadri tahsil and district of Haryana. This is one of the biggest Sangwan villages in the area.

Jat gotras


JHOJHU the twin villages near Charkhi Dadri was on the camel caravan route between Delhi and Karachi in Pakistan. Merchants alongwith their camel used to rest near a water pound called BUDALLA Johad south of present Jhojhu. There were grasslands all around and there camel used to eat JHOJHRU (wild grass) which was plenty all around so the merchants used to talk of jhojhru which became JHOJHU by the time.... as told by old people of the village by their ancestors.

This village boasts of ex- serviceman from many generation and shown courage and valour in many battles pre and post independence.


It is around 16 KMs from Charkhi Dadri and around 37 KMs from Bhiwani. Village is surrounded by aravali range hills all around which create a wall kind of structure for the village. Currently, mining has started in these hills and it is big concern for environment in the region. Dada Dohla temple is situated at a distance of around 4 KMs in North of the village. This temple is very famous and worshipped by people of the area.

Jhojhu Kalan represents 13 Sangwan villages under "Sangwan Chalisi (40)". Head of 13 villages is selected from this village only. From last two decades Rajbir Singh Sangwan (Pradhan) is representing 13 Sangwan villages. Village have given many soldiers to Indian Army.

Village has all common facilties including Senior Secondart School for Boys and Girls, College for Girls[ http://jsjksjhojhukalan.org/index.html Girls college] , Govt Civil Hospital, Govt Veternary Hospital, 132 KV power grid stattion, Few Public schools, BSNL Telephone and mobile exchanges, several nationalised and cooperative Banks etc.

Girls college is on Bhiwani Road- around half a KM from main Bus stand of the village and hosts various courses for girl students.

Village is surrounded by other Sangwan Villages. Kalali and Balali are in the east. Jhojhu Khurd in the West. Village Badal and Mehra in the North and Village Chandeni in the south.


  • VMPS (Vivekanand Memorial Public School)
  • Arya sr. sec. school
  • Government Senior Secondary School for Boys and Girls separately.
  • Girls College.

Notable persons from village

  • महाशय वीरदान जी - ठाकुर देशराज[1] ने लिखा है ....मानसिंह जी का जन्म बनगोठडी (शेखावाटी) के चौधरी दिल सुखरामजी छतरपाल के घर संवत 1938 (1881 ई.) में हुआ था। संवत 1960 में जबकि आयु लगभग 22 साल की थी आपको आर्य समाज का रंग लगा। उन दिनों जींद राज्य के झोझु ग्राम निवासी महाशय वीरदान जी इधर प्रचार के लिए आया करते थे। उन्हीं के सत्संग से आपके ख्यालात अग्रगामी हुए।
  • Late Major Amir Singh Sangwan from village had represented the area in joint Punjab - Haryana Vidhan Sabhas. He remained a Minister in Haryana Government Under his leadership, the village had got all modern amneties in the village around 50 years ago.
  • Late Smt Lazza Rani Sangwan wife of Chaudhary Amir Singh from this village had represented the area in Haryana State Assembly.
  • Ch Ravinder Sangwan (Ravi)- son of Late Sh Major Amir Singh Sangwan. He was instrumental in Kisan Movements and contested many MLA elections from Badhra constituency.
  • Vijender Singh Sangwan - Lifts Technician in Sweden
  • Pawan Sangwan - Construction Coordinator with Japanese Co. in Middle East (2014 to Cont.)
  • Monica Singh - Odissi dancer.

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