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Jiwana and Jiwani (जीवाना, जीवानी) are two Jat villages in Desh-khap. These are also spelt as Jimana and Jimani. Nearest Railway station is Kasimpur Kheri. These are three villages together- Jiwana, Jiwani and Karimpur.


It is situated on Delhi Saharanpur highway, 8 KMs from Baraut towards Shamli.


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Notable Persons

This village has produced many legends. CH Balawant Singh Bhoot was called Jiwane ka Sher. The Bhoot family of this village has many gems in its crown. They have long history of public service right from Armed forces to education, medicine to computer technology and pilots to top Management in industry. The another legend of this village late shri mangeram bhoot ji (pardhan) was famous in the field of politics and his helping nature towards poors. He was also from bhoot family.

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